Czech President Milos Zeman in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) called the loss of Ukraine’s Crimea “completed”, opposed sanctions against the Russian Federation and has suggested to solve a question with payment in Ukraine. He said this in Strasbourg during his address to the deputies of the PACE, reports “European true”.

“In my opinion, will be some compensation for Ukraine – or in a financial form or in oil and gas” – quoted by “European truth” of the Czech President.

He said that “Crimea is annexation, without a doubt,” but “it is a finished work (fait accompli)”. Zeman explained that in case of disagreement of Ukraine on compensation will start the “European war”.

He, in particular, quoted former German President Joachim gauck: “If we want to take the Crimea to return to Ukraine, it will mean a European war.” On this basis, Zeman concluded that the “war” is also inevitable in the conservation efforts of Ukraine to return Crimea. “We have to avoid European war, and you have to understand it”, – he addressed to deputies.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from “Block Petro Poroshenko,” a member of the delegation to PACE Alexei Goncharenko reported on his page in Facebookthat when Zeman spoke against sanctions against Russia, he “reminded him that in the 30-ies was already the aggressor, who tried to appease, and the result was a terrible war, one of the first victims of which was his homeland.”

Goncharenko found that Zeman had “insulted” the Ukraine, saying in response to his question that “Crimea was annexed illegally, but to return it to Ukraine is not necessary.” “In his opinion, Ukraine would negotiate with Russia about “financial compensation,” protested Goncharenko.

Bickering Ukrainian MP with the Czech President in PACE over the fact that the MP went from the courtroom. “In protest against statements of the President of the Czech Republic (the Crimea, Russia, etc.), I got up and left the hall,” Goncharenko wrote on the page in Facebook.

“If you can sell the Crimea, President of the Czech Republic sell Putin Prague and Karlovy vary? Putin will give money and oil!” – he added later.

In his own speech in PACE on the eve Goncharenko said that we should not succumb to blackmail Russia who refuses to pay dues to the Council of Europe to the restoration of the powers of its delegation. “This is typical behavior of the Putin regime. They intimidate people with their rusty bombs or their money.”

Another member of the delegation, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Leonid Yemets on his page in Facebook called the Czech President “vile” for this performance, which he called the agitation in PACE against the sanctions. “Friendship with Russia for Europe. And, hot damn, not a word about the Russian aggression. But now we have him idyll mess up. That bastard says that the return of Crimea to Ukraine will lead to war in Europe” – outraged Yemets.

The President of the Czech Republic has offered to PACE to solve the issue with Crimea is not sanctions, and payments Ukraine 10.10.2017

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