The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that his country “it’s time to say goodbye” with the United States. This was said during his official visit to China, TV channel Channel NewsAsia.

“Your stay in my country has been used for your own benefit. So it’s time to say “good-bye, my friends,” said he, turning to US.

The leader of the Philippines also noted that more will not go to USA because he believes that “will be insulted just there.” He also continued to insult President Barack Obama, calling him a “son of a bitch”.

Duterte once again stressed that he intends to change the country’s foreign policy, refocused with the United States to China. “No more American intervention. No American exercises,” Philippine leader was quoted by Bloomberg.

Duterte also did not rule out that the reduction of ties with the US the us government can stop to render assistance to Manila but assured that the Philippines will survive this.

“If you want to withdraw your assistance, go ahead and do it. We will not ask (to do this). What do you think about us? We are the poor? Go! We are not going to stop you. We survive, we’re gonna make it. I’ll be the first to starve. I’ll be the first to die of hunger. But we will never jeopardize our dignity,” said Duterte (quoted by Sun Star).

Previously the Philippines had informed the United States about the suspension of plans for joint patrolling and conducting training maneuvers in the South China sea. In addition, Duterte threatened to break with the Washington agreement on defence cooperation in which the U.S. armed forces have the right to place troops on certain Filipino bases.

4 October Duterte said that his country generally through indefinite time to break off any relations with the United States, sending President Barack Obama, whom he had offended, “the hell”. Recently, the Philippines has threatened to Washington to break the Alliance and start buying weapons from Russia and China.

The anti-American attitude of the Philippine leader was transferred to the citizens of the country. Yesterday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Manila hosted a demonstration of the local socialists, who advocated the withdrawal of American troops from the island of Mindanao. The action has outgrown in collisions and was dispersed by the police, several people were injured.

Philippines and China: new course

Official state visit of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in China began on October 18. It aims to make a more significant turn in foreign policy the Philippines, which was the closest ally of the United States since Manila’s independence in 1946.

During the cold war, the Philippines was called the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” of the US in Asia, the second state largest after Japan, since there was a large American bases Clark field and Subic Bay, writes “Kommersant”. In 1990-e years military-technical cooperation between Manila and Washington died down. A new stage started in 2014 under President Barack Obama proclaimed a policy of “pivot to the East” and the establishment of an Asian “zone of containment of China.”

After coming to power in the Philippines, Duterte the country’s foreign policy has undergone drastic changes. Upon assuming the office of the President, he proclaimed a new course of rapprochement with China.

This is despite the fact that in recent years Beijing has stepped in with its neighbors in a tough confrontation over the ownership of Islands in the South China sea. In June, the Philippines won started under the previous leadership of the trial in the Hague for arbitration, recognizes the claims of China located off the coast of the Philippines Islands and reefs illegal. This decision led Beijing to rage, says Bloomberg.

However, a change in foreign policy of the Philippines was met in China very positively. At present Beijing is ready to offer not only a neighboring country a number of economic projects, but also to soften stance on tolerance Filipino fishermen to Scarborough shoal – the subject of long-standing territorial dispute between the two countries.

During the visit, Duterte in China expect to sign around 25 bilateral agreements in various sectors of the economy. In addition, it is expected that China will give Manila a loan of $ 3 billion.

While in China, Duterte said that is not going to ask Beijing for help, but will not abandon her. “I won’t ask, but if they offer help, I say, “of Course, we are very poor,” said Duterte. “You need the railroad? Yes, sir,” he quoted the dialogue with the Chinese partners, adding that would be preferential loans.

The President of the Philippines said that it was time to say goodbye to US 20.10.2016

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