The flamboyant President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that he promised God to stop using obscene and foul words. He stated this in his hometown of Davao city where he had arrived from Japan.

According to Duterte, while flying in a plane, while other passengers slept, he looked up at the sky and suddenly heard a voice. He warned Duterte that if he did not stop to argue, then the plane will crash. In response to a question Duterte “Who is it?” the voice replied, “This is God.”

In the end, the President had to promise God that he will stop using slang and swear words. “So now, you guys will hear from me only the correct word, because the promise of God is the same as a promise to the Philippine people,” said Duterte.

The President of the Philippines known for his outrageous statements. Previously, he has repeatedly used the harsh words, talking about different famous personalities. In particular, Duterte called “son of a bitch” Pope Francis and U.S. President Barack Obama. Also Pacquiao advised Obama to “go to hell”.

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In addition, Duarte was a conflict with the UN experts. They stated that the promotion of President assassinations in the Philippines, drug dealers and drug addicts may be considered under international law a crime. In response to Duterte called them “blockheads” and then threatened to pull the Philippines from the United Nations.

Russian service of BBC recalls that Duterte also likened himself to Hitler, his battle with drug traffickers – with the Holocaust. This statement sharply condemned Germany.

In this Duterte remains extremely popular politician in the Philippines, despite the fact that as a result of its anti-drug campaign, has died, according to police estimates, 3.6 thousand people.

The President of the Philippines spoke about a conversation with God and promise to quit swearing 28.10.2016

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