The Russian cruiser “Varyag” arrived on Thursday, April 20, in the capital of the Philippines – Manila. Parking the flagship of Pacific fleet (TOF), Russia in the port will last for four days, during which it is planned to hold a number of events and receptions, reported The Philippine Star , the representative of the Navy of the Philippines captain Lincon People.

Along with the “Varyag” in the port there is a sea tanker “Pechenga”. During the visit of the detachment of combat ships of the Pacific fleet, the commander of the cruiser “Varangian” guard captain II rank of the project, all with a group of Russian officers with the courtesy visit was visited by the commander of the naval forces of the Philippines Ronald George. Mercado, according to the website of the defense Ministry.

“The meeting was held in a warm, friendly environment. Traditionally, the two sides exchanged Souvenirs with the naval symbolism of the two countries held a joint photographing”, – stated in the message.

According to the defense Ministry, the first day of stay in a foreign port the ship has visited the Russian Ambassador in the Philippines Igor Hove, moreover, the sailors of the Pacific fleet, representatives of the Navy command of the Philippines and the Ambassador of Russia took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the monument of Philippine national hero Jose Risalo. On the cruiser “Varyag” to servicemen of the Navy of the Philippines was organized sightseeing tour.

On Friday, the press service of the Pacific fleet reported that the “Varyag” was visited by the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. He toured the cruiser and got acquainted with his weapons, reports “Interfax”.

“Commander guards captain II rank of the project, and all
told Philippine leader about the history of the cruiser “Varyag” and introduced
the main characteristics of the flagship, weapons, combat
capabilities and life of the sailors of the Pacific fleet,” – said the press service.

Also Duterte visited a ship Museum and signed the book of honorable guests. “During the meeting, they exchanged Souvenirs and took group picture of the President of the Republic of the Philippines with the crew of the flagship of the Russian Pacific fleet,” – said TASS head of information providing press service of the Eastern military district, Pacific fleet captain II rank Vladimir Matveev.

The Philippine Star notes that this is the second visit of Russian ships to the Philippines for the current year. Earlier, in January, at the port of Manila was met by a large anti-submarine ship of the Russian Navy “Admiral Tributs” the tanker “Boris Butoma”. Then Duterte also visited the Russian ship and examined it.

The current visit of the Russian ships in the port of Manila will continue until 24 April, after which they will continue the tasks of the far voyage.

Warships of the Pacific fleet make the long trip in ocean waters from April 1. It takes place in accordance with the plan of international military cooperation of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and will last more than two months. The main goal is the demonstration of St. Andrew’s flag in the Asia-Pacific region (APR) and further development of naval cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Earlier in the trip, the ships stopped at the port of Busan (South Korea).

Currently the Korean Peninsula is also moving strike group, the U.S. Navy led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. In addition, the President of the United States Donald trump ordered to send to the coast of the Korean Peninsula, two more aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) and Nimitz (CVN-68), they must enter the sea of Japan next week, reports the British tabloid The Daily Star , citing a source in the South Korean government. It is expected that the US ships will participate in joint military exercises with South Korea, during which will be practiced strikes on the DPRK, the newspaper writes.

Earlier, on April 17, South Korea already started other maneuvers with the United States – Max Thunder. They are attended by about 100 aircraft of the seventh air army, the US and South Korean air force fighters, attack aircraft, bombers, transport planes, aerial reconnaissance aircraft, reports TASS with reference to the Ministry of national defense.

During the exercise, which will end on the 28th of April, practiced actions in case of provocations from North Korea, including a bombing with precision weapons, as well as overcoming the air defense system of the enemy, said the Agency.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated in early 2016. This is due to the missile tests, which continues to hold regular North Korea. The last run was made on the night of April 5 in the direction of the sea of Japan: the rocket flew about 60 kilometers, and then fell into the water.

American President Donald trump in response to the actions of North Korea said that her government “behaved very badly” and allow themselves too much.

14 APR NBC News, citing intelligence sources reported that the US can pre-emptive strike on North Korea if it receives information about the readiness of the DPRK to the sixth nuclear test.

Later in the US administration stated that they would not strike and hope to solve the problem through diplomacy. The main task that confronts a White house, is the complete denuclearization of North Korea.

Last week, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called on all to exercise restraint, bearing in mind first and foremost North Korea, which reportedly is going to conduct a sixth nuclear test, and the United States. Recently the media reported that the preparations for a new nuclear test at the site of Pungere in the DPRK is probably suspended and transferred to the standby mode.

While the media reported about the deployment of Russian military forces and equipment to the border with the DPRK. In the Kremlin these messages refused to comment.

The President of the Philippines visited the cruiser “Varyag” in the port of Manila 21.04.2017

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