The chaplains will receive a special form. As told the representatives of the Central military district (CVO), the new field form for priests is convenient for service and soon it is likely to apply throughout Russia.

Head of Department for work with religious servicemen CVO Igor Agafonov told TASS: “This is the usual form of a soldier, which is characterized by patches and emblems: in the place where there should be pelicci with native troops, is an Orthodox cross, and where should be written the surname and initials of the soldier, Church embroidered rank and name.”

On the website TASS published a video, which shows a new form of military priests. It should be noted that it is similar to the usual military form, but on top of it, the priests are to wear the cross, so that they could learn the military.

According to Agafonov, form developed for the reason that “always walk in robe inconvenient for military service.” He expressed the hope that developed in the CVO form will be used in all other military districts.

“In the Central military district, no military units, where he was appointed staff assistant to a Muslim, because the predominant number of Orthodox soldiers. As long as the form is developed only in CVO, but we hope that gradually other districts will use the option,” he said.

The Institute of military priests was established by order of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in 2009. Currently, he is active: for example, last week, more than 30 military priests CVO jet of Russian air force Tu-134 UBL for the first time conducted air procession over the Chelyabinsk region.

And in Omsk Orthodox priests were
a two-day military training on the basis of local center for the training of personnel of national guard troops, having mastered the machines and armored personnel carriers.

The priests of the Central military district will receive a field form, over which it will be possible to wear a cross 24.10.2016

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