The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel suggested 24 hours to close the internal borders of the European Union. In his opinion, so it is possible to shock not accustomed to the queue of European voters and demonstrate to them the value of a visa-free regime.

Bettel made his proposal at a press conference in Paris, reports Bloomberg. “If you close the border for a day, then people will see what it means to wait two hours to get to Italy or Spain, to be under the pervasive control, in terms of blocking all exchange transactions. One day. So the people can see what it means to be outside of Europe. What I say is awful, but it will help people to understand,” – said the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Britain’s decision to leave the Union was a Wake-up call for many European politicians, said Bettel at a press conference. The EU governments have been forced to analyse what works and what doesn’t work within the block, said Prime Minister of Luxembourg. Next week European leaders are due to meet in Brussels to discuss the revival on the continent of enthusiasm for the EU’s existence after the decision of Britain to leave the Union.

Last week the head of the British government, Theresa may has called the date to start negotiations on Brexit, they will start in March 2017. The Prime Minister also outlined the concept of the waiver is consistent with EU legislation in the course of unique “divorce.” Thus in London were given to understand that we are for a decisive break and are ready to sacrifice trading privileges of British companies with EU in exchange for a guarantee of migration control.

The EU leaders believe that Britain should start a formal procedure of separation if he wants to leave the bloc. Bettel said the EU should “stand firm” on that position.

In his opinion, Britain wants “and keep the cake and eat it too”. “They used to be in the EU and was thinking about getting him to leave; now they have decided to come out and think how to stay. We are not in Facebook where is the status “it’s complicated,” explained Bettel.

If the EU would allow the UK to “Europe order”, leaving themselves the benefits of the EU and abandoning the shortcomings of the bloc, the referendum on the exit to go to other European countries, wishing to obtain the same status, said the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

On 23 June 2016 referendum on the question of a British exit from the European Union with a minimum margin win supporters of Brexit. The refusal to join the EU was supported by 51.9% of voters. The EU representatives spoke to London as quickly as possible started to talk about Brexit, but the British side is not yet ready for him, because not yet formed its negotiating position.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg proposed to remind Europeans about the values of the EU, closing borders within the Union for a day 11.10.2016

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