The government of the Netherlands may make a proposal to Parliament to refuse to support the agreement on Association between Ukraine and the European Union, if not enlist the support of the opposition. As reported Reuters, said on Friday, October 28, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte after the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

He stressed that the decision to block agreement will be presented, if we fail find a compromise with the Parliament. “In the national interest, I call reasonable force in the Netherlands to support a possible decision. This cry from the heart I am deeply convinced that the Netherlands will make a big mistake if you pick this process”, – quotes the speech Rutte

The outcome of the vote depends on the support of the opposition and he called on opposition parties to help him. “Our European unity is the best response to the foreign policy of Russia, which leads to instability at the EU borders, in Crimea and Syria, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are trapped in Aleppo,” he said. According to him, the rejection of ratification of the agreement will increase the instability in the region.

The Prime Minister reminded that the deadline for the announcement of the decision of the government begins on 1 November. “It’s not just about the Netherlands. We are part of the broader international community acting as one front for the sake of stability on our borders against aggression,” Reuters quoted Dutch Prime Minister.

The majority of the population thinks otherwise. “The biggest reason that prices have fallen off, – explained the radio station Business FM resident of Amsterdam, Kirill. – If earlier the Dutchman one hour worked over 40 euros, now the poles are doing for 10-15, the Baltic States – even cheaper, I’m afraid, say, people coming from Ukraine, there is war, everything is really bad, and then we will earn, because people will work very cheap, and this is the main reason. The standard of living is falling, getting worse and worse, people can be fooled. I don’t know, maybe, not present, not saying that Association is not the same, that Ukraine enters the EU. May be presented with one hand, though all official parties and Ministers say that we need this, but people think differently”.

The Netherlands is the only EU country which has not yet ratified the agreement block on the strengthening of ties in politics, security and trade with Kiev. April 6 question of ratification was carried in the Netherlands by referendum. 61% of voters voted against it, but legally, the referendum was only Advisory.

In September, the Prime Minister saidthat “in the end, the Netherlands did not ratify the agreement.” However, he expressed the hope that Ukraine will continue negotiations with the other 27 EU countries.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands said about possible blocking of the Association agreement of Ukraine with EU 29.10.2016

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