The Prosecutor’s office on 12 July asked to condemn the investigative Committee Alexander Sokolov, who is accused of extremism four years in prison, reports RBC.

In the Tver court of Moscow considered the case of Sokolov’s participation in the initiative group for the referendum “For responsible government” (igpr “ZOV”). For a former editor of the newspaper “Duel” Yury Mukhin, the Prosecutor asked 4,5 years of a General regime, activists Call Valery Parfenov and Cyril Barabash – four years in prison respectively.

All four defendants is charged with organizing activities of an extremist organization (article 282.2 of the criminal code). The prosecution believes that igpr “ZOV” was created to cover, and really under the species of this group operated “the Army will of the people” (AVN), banned for extremism.

According to the prosecution, the activists Call doing the same than before the MSA was involved in distributing extremist materials in the Newspapers in “Their names”, “Words and deeds” and sites on the Internet, arranged meetings, recruited new members and collected donations. “Badges and armlets igpr “ZOV” is information that law enforcement agencies are the criminals that “protect” the crime,” the Prosecutor said, speaking about the “extremist” positions of the Call.

As previously reported, the investigation considers the true purpose of the activists of “undermining the political situation in the direction of instability and change existing power illegally”.

The charge is based on analyses of the correspondence, public speeches and campaign materials Call, as well as on the testimony of several witnesses, some of which are classified.

In IGPR advocated the adoption of the law “For a responsible power”, according to which people could assess the activities of all without exception of officers: the poor performance of officials be punished for a good – encouraged. The activists wanted to hold a referendum for the adoption of the law, this required the establishment of a regional cell of a Call, to attract supporters and to collect at least 2 million signatures of Russians.

In the opinion of the Prosecutor, the purpose of the Call was not a referendum. “At court sessions number of participants among the supporters of the “CALL” of up to 150 people. They do not hurt to create at least one regional cell, but this was not done. This means that activity Call planning referendum was formal,” said the Prosecutor.

Protection insisted that the CALL was an independent organization, its activities fully comply with the law, and the conclusion of the relationship with AMS based only on the coincidence of similar composition and symbolism. In addition, the CALL existed prior to the ban of the MSA.

The results of examinations on defence motion for the Prosecutor’s office asks to ignore – as the testimony of witnesses

During the trial, was conducted the examination – at the request of the defense. Specialist in computer forensics Jan Gorodetsky analyzed the correspondence of the defendants in the case and came to the conclusion that the CALL was established, regardless of the MSA, and the linguist Irina Lewontin found that public campaigning groups did not contain the illegal calls.

However, the Prosecutor recommended that the court “critical” to refer to the results of these examinations. She also asked the court not to take into account the testimony of two dozen witnesses, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as none of them gave satisfactory answers to the questions of the prosecution.

“The case of the referendum”

Law enforcement officers discovered in 2014, a propaganda video Calling, began to chat with the activists under the guise of the inhabitant of the Crimea Sergey Davydenko and learned about the preparation of the referendum for the adoption of the law “On the court of the people.” He took in the organization and instructed to draw in new supporters. After a year of development, the leaders of the Call were detained.

Sokolova was detained in June 2015. He pleaded not guilty and believes that he is being persecuted for his professional activity in RBC and the writing of a dissertation about the study “corruption and losses of the state in projects of state corporations Rosnano, rostech, “Olympstroy” and “Rosatom”.

In December 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference in response to a question of the correspondent of RBC of his colleague, who is in jail, promised to investigate the situation. However, a year to re-question the head of state said that “nothing has changed, so not all so simple.”

In support of Sokolov were the organisation “reporters without borders” , the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, who was in this position before her, Ella Pamfilova, the presidential Council on human rights and the human rights center “memorial”.

Protection Sokolov appealed to the European court of human rights his detention.

The prosecution asked for the investigative Committee Alexander Sokolov, accused of extremism for “the case of the referendum,” four years in prison 17.07.2017

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