The Moscow district military court on 5 October began consideration of the merits of the criminal case against a student of the Moscow state University (MSU), Alexandra Ivanova (Barbara Karaulova), accused of trying to join the banned international terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH).

Announced the indictment, the Prosecutor said Karaulova decided to join ISIS, joining a terrorist group “Badr”, and could carry out subversive activities in Syria or Europe, by suicide bombing, reports TASS.

As follows from the indictment, the girl on messenger came in contact with an unidentified person to get into one of the units of the IG, which was ruled by Abduh Khakin. 27 may 2015 the defendant bought a ticket and flew from Moscow to Istanbul, in Turkey, she met and moved to a safe house in the city of Kilis, where she was later detained by security officers.

After a forced return to Russia on June 12 of last year, it did not abandon its attempts to join the terrorists, said the representative of the prosecution. “No later than July 2015, she contacted (recruiter) Samatova, which communicated with the help of Messager, and also acted in the Internet under the name Amina Sayfutdinovoy allegedly trying to organize a new trip to the territory of Syria,” – said the Prosecutor. He added that Karaulova have the skills of combat training and knowledge of foreign languages.

Karaulov did not understand “what it was”

She Karaulov said at a meeting that “denies guilt in full volume”. “To hear what I supposedly wanted to join the bombers, unpleasant. What combat training, what are we talking about?” – quotes its RIA “Novosti”.

At the meeting as a witness in the case was questioned by the journalist Arthur Irtuganov, who said that the editorial task has arrived in Turkey and met with the girl’s father – Pavel Karaulov (the employee of FSB of the Russian Federation. – Approx. “We walked around the city, he had posted flyers, went to the mosque, looking for a daughter,” said the witness.

“We set up a camera and filmed the territory of the migration center in Turkey, reported Ertukhanov. Then I saw a girl accompanied by two men and women, as I understand it – they were members of Interpol. She was dressed in hijab, in the same clothes she arrived in Moscow”.

The process will continue on 6 October, the day scheduled for the interrogation of other witnesses in the case. Earlier the lawyer of the accused argued that his client “is charged with the preparation of a crime, i.e. the crime was not”, and all the prosecution “based only on assumptions,” said the defender. The girl said that made a mistake.

Case Karaulova

In 2015, as a second-year student of the faculty of philosophy of Moscow state University, Karaulova secret from the parents flew to Istanbul, where he was detained with a group of Russians, allegedly attempting to enter Syria. The girl managed to return June 12 with a flight from Istanbul, her recruiter was later arrested. Summer Karaulov was released after questioning without charge and then she changed her name and became Alexandra Ivanova.

28 October 2015 the girl was arrested, and on 10 November, she was charged with attempted participation in a terrorist organization. According to the materials of the case, the interrogation of Ivanov admitted his guilt. At the end of August this year it was reported that the investigation is completed and it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

The girl’s parents were told that she fell in love with the recruiter of Islamists, and her lawyer said that Karaulov “went to the man she loved” and no intentions to join ISIS she was not. The mother of the defendant Kira Karaulov also claimedthat her daughter was arrested because she refused again to chat with recruiters at the direction of Russian special services and is under their control. The National anti-terrorist Committee is denied.

The Prosecutor called the IG unit, in which exploded MSU student Karaulova 05.10.2016

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