Generalname the Prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation on the background of the current crisis with the airline “VIM-Avia” questioned the correspondence of the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko position. In supervising Department believe that the crisis arose because not taken in time the Federal Agency drastic measures. The relevant observations contained in the submission of the Prosecutor General addressed to the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov. Close to the transport Ministry source has confirmed that the Agency received the document.

In the view of the Prosecutor General “Of violations of air legislation when implementing by the Federal air transport Agency of the power to exercise control over the activities of air carriers” Sokolov proposed to strengthen control over the activities of the Federal air transport Agency, as well as strict adherence to the requirements of the air legislation in the field of certification and licensing of air carriers. The contents of the document published
RIA “Novosti”.

In the view States that the crisis situation around, “VIM-Avia” and public Prosecutor’s checks testify is not taken by the leadership of the Federal air transport Agency drastic measures “to stabilize the situation in civil aviation”. The Prosecutor General noted that the connivance of the Federal Agency “systematically leads to the bankruptcy of Russian airlines… entails a massive violation of the rights of passengers, as well as the need to allocate significant budget funds to minimise consequences of the termination of their activities.”

In one of the paragraphs of the document to the head of the Ministry of transport encouraged “to consider the issue of disciplinary responsibility of officials, including the compliance office of the head of Rosaviatsia Neradko A.V. and Deputy Klima O. S.”.

Meanwhile, close to transport Ministry source confirmed to TASS that the proposal of the Prosecutor General on the disciplinary responsibility of the head of Federal air transport Agency has already received in the Department. The source also confirmed the authenticity of the copy of the document that is published in one of the anonymous Telegram.

We will remind that on September 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the government declared the head of Ministry of transport Sokolov on its incomplete adequacy for the situation of “VIM-Avia”, and charge transport issues and Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich accused of insufficient attention to the industry.

“VIM-Avia” on September 25 announced the termination of all of their Charter flights due to financial problems and shortage of working capital. This was preceded by a series of delays of aircraft in Russian and foreign airports.

The crisis in “VIM-Avia” tens of thousands of Russian tourists stuck in foreign airports, deprived of the opportunity to return home. The solution to this problem has been specially created anti-crisis headquarters of the Federal air transport Agency.

The Prosecutor’s office began check of activity of “VIM-Avia”, and the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud in especially large size”) concerning the embezzlement of passengers.

The Prosecutor General’s office against the background of the situation of “VIM-Avia” questioned the correspondence of the head of Federal air transport Agency positions 04.10.2017

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