The state office of public Prosecutor spends check of legality of criminal prosecution of the former head of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin, the accused in bribery former leadership of the Republic of Komi in the amount of 800 million rubles, therefore, gave orders to announce its international wanted list, reports news Agency video News Service with reference to the official representative of the Supervisory Department Alexander kurinny.

“Currently, checks the legality and validity of his criminal prosecution, as well as the presence or absence of grounds to declare him internationally wanted”, – said the representative of the Prosecutor General.

In this regard, the Agency instructed to declare slobodina on the international wanted list the Department of the national Central Bureau of Interpol of the main Directorate of the interior Ministry, said Kurennoy.

Mikhail Slobodin, who is now in England or in France, in early September was declared the Federal wanted list. As expected, the flight slobodina promoted Deputy head of the “T”
anti-corruption Central Directorate of interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko, accused now of taking bribes, abuse of power and obstruction of the preliminary investigation. Zakharchenko, investigators believed, could tell Slobodino that it is being rapid development, and he hastily left the territory of Russia.

September 15, Mikhail Slobodin was arrested in absentia by the city court of Syktyvkar on charges of bribery. Assistant to the Chairman of the city court of Syktyvkar Ivan Lodygin then explained that the arrest will act two months from the moment of detention, and addedthat Slobodin is in the international wanted list since September 12.

As reported today TASS in court, 17 October at 15:00 the Supreme court will consider the appeal on the arrest in absentia slobodina. His lawyer Sergei Koptyakov said that he will appeal the arrest because, in his opinion, the prosecution Slobodino was brought without sufficient grounds.

Slobodin, who led a subsidiary of Renova from 2003 to January 2011, resigned from the post of General Director of “Beeline” (a brand of VimpelCom), which he has held since 2013. According to investigators, occupying the post of the General Director “KES-holding” (now “T-plus”), he was able to give bribes to officials of the Komi Republic in exchange for favourable tariffs on electricity and heat and other benefits and preferences. He is charged under article 290 of the criminal code of bribery for a total sum of 800 million roubles eks-the leadership of the Komi Republic.

Suspected of giving multimillion-dollar bribes was detained and arrested the head of “T Plus” Boris Vajnziher and co-owner of the company “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk.

Slobodin, who led from 2002 until 2011, “KES Holding” (CJSC
“Integrated energy systems”, now – “T Plus”, is
the group “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg), is one of the defendants in
case about bribery to officials of the Komi Republic in the years 2007-2014, which
established inflated prices of electricity and heat for
citizens of the Republic.

In this case is the ex-Governor of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaiser, who is
detention on charges of organizing a criminal group and
fraud in especially large size. October 5 was filed on Gayzer predecessor on this post Vladimir Torlopova, who is also accused of creation of criminal community and guide them.

The Prosecutor General’s office checks the legality of the criminal prosecution of the former head of “Beeline” 13.10.2016

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