The Prosecutor of the Chechen Republic has explained the appeal of the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov to kill addicts without a trial because he is not a lawyer: “the head of the Republic is not a practicing lawyer, and only this explains the errors in some of its statements.” Specifically this phrase out of context that “gives rise to different interpretations”. The Prosecutor Sharpuddi Abdul-Kadyrov said in an interview to”Interfax”.

During the week, discussing with the security forces and government officials the situation with the violation of traffic rules by drivers, drug addicts, Kadyrov said: “Those who are in the Chechen Republic, disturbing the peace, shot to hell. Nothing matters – the law, not the law… Shoot! Understand? Assalamu alaikum and there is no problem! That is the law!”

The Prosecutor is sure that the head of the Republic made the wrong assumption. He also insists that the fight against crime in Chechnya is part of Federal law.

“An excerpt of which you
I ask, taken out of context, and this technique always significantly
it distorts common sense and gives rise to different interpretations”, –
said the Prosecutor of the Chechen Republic. According to him, “in the episode it was about the fact that drug addicts and substance abusers are favorable conditions for their involvement in
terrorist activities”. “Their crimes from the category of directed against public morality, become directed against public security and public order, that is, terrorist offences,” explained Abdul-Kadyrov. And the attitude of Kadyrov’s terrorists, “common knowledge” with them “there are no negotiations, apprehended or destroyed on the spot in case of rendering armed resistance, and it is in this context that we must perceive the words of Kadyrov.”

“The head of the Republic is not a practicing lawyer, and that alone
explain the errors in its statements. By the way, he
also repeatedly wrote about it in his page in the social network. I
officially declare that the territory of the Chechen Republic
the judiciary, the fight against crime is carried out in accordance with
Federal law. It is with this position and played the head
Republic”, – said the Republican Prosecutor.

Abdul-Kadyrov has reminded that in early 2013 on the initiative of the head
Republic, the fight against illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs,
psychotropic and potent substances, as well as with violations of the rules
traffic safety on roads declared a priority area
activities of law enforcement agencies. He also stated that “the work of investigators and prosecutors for crimes of this category are taken under special control” to ensure the rights of victims and accused.

The Prosecutor of the Chechen Republic has explained the appeal of Kadyrov to kill drug addicts because he is not a lawyer 02.10.2016

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