The Prosecutor’s office of Volgograd region began checking media reports of ill treatment of animals. The reason for it were the stories about couples from the regional center, which for years fed stray dogs and cats.

The scandal broke after about Irina Vasilyeva and her spouse said First channel. The woman explained to journalists that to catch cats and dogs and butcher them for meat made her hopeless destitution and hope to cure her husband from tuberculosis.

“Fat homeless animals is the best cure of tuberculosis”, – quotes its words “Notebook-Volgograd”.

Experts of the First channel tried to explain Vasilyeva, that the use of sobachatiny in tuberculosis is not more than a myth, but she remained unconvinced, and assured: “it will be Necessary – and people will eat”.

According to V1, the neighbors are ready to Lynch over the homegrown healer-rivederci as, while stray animals are increasingly disappearing and Pets. In addition, the police still ignored all appeals.

It should be noted the rotor is not the first time trying to draw the attention of law enforcement to the marginal family. Six months ago, “Hometown” wrote that much drinking woman is the one who set the house fire that burned even the coffin with the body of her eldest daughter, who drowned the day before.

Irina Vasilyeva five children, lives with her only one of the sons. All the children drink, lead asocial way of life, one did time for murder. the civil husband of volgogradke younger than her 20 years, he has no job and too much drinking. Dogs and cats members of the family slaughtered right in the apartment “Khrushchev”, the animal they chased. Police say they are ready to intervene only if there is evidence that knackers are doing their dirty business from hooligan or mercenary motives.

Natalia Zabelina, doctor of the TB dispensary N3, in his commentary reminded that the law provides for the order of involuntary placement for treatment of tuberculosis patients who refuse to comply with doctors ‘ recommendations.

“As for eating dog meat, no scientific research Institute such recommendations did not give. Indeed, it is believed that the meat of dogs is helpful for tuberculosis patients. But if this is so, it is only as stimulation, to overcome the disease is possible only with the help of antibacterial therapy. Besides do not forget that dogs themselves can get sick of anything” – she added.

The Prosecutor’s office after the telecast will be engaged in Volgograd with the family, 10 years eating dogs and cats 08.11.2016

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