The Perm Prosecutor’s office checks the local academic “Theatre-Theatre” after complaints from residents on postelnicu of the play “the Blue room” play by David hare. In the formulation of the widely used image of the virgin, which occur, in particular, “lesbian scenes”, reports “”.

“Extremism is unlikely to find, but with the insult of feelings of believers the story might have an unpleasant sequel. But first you need to find experts who explained how the inappropriate use of religious symbols”, – said a source familiar with the situation.

In the regional head office of the Ministry of interior reported that the check information can only be provided upon official request. However, the Prosecutor’s office of the Perm region confirmed the repeated complaints of citizens in relation to performance.

The Department also explained that in case the citizen said about the signs of extremism or other crimes, his appeal is forwarded to the police. If we received a complaint on the theater’s repertoire, it will be considered in turn, the Ministry of culture of the Perm region.

According to the newspaper, the check is in relation to the art Director “theatre-Theatre” – a famous film Director and former Vice-Premier of the government of Perm Krai Boris Milgram.

Law enforcement officers, in particular, find out whether in 2015, the artistic Director received a salary, which is more than double the maximum allowable amount: the average remuneration of employees of the main staff of the theatre in 2015 to 23.7 thousand rubles, and the salary of the head may be greater than the maximum of eight times. The security forces also received information that Milgram has declared an annual income of $ 6,448 million.

Director of “theatre-Theatre” Anatoly Pichkalev already confirmed to journalists that militiamen carry out inspections. According to him, claims to the artistic Director based on publications in the web of the Perm public men: “basically there was written wrong. But we have all the necessary documents are handed over. Check really is”.

With respect to the statements concerning “the Blue room” Pickalov noted that it was “a long story”. The Director of the local theater also expressed their willingness to talk in detail about the play later when I get back from Moscow to Perm.

An Agency source “Interfax” in the regional Prosecutor’s office failed to reveal the nature received from citizens, statements about the performance, citing the fact that they “affected the interests of an indefinite circle of persons”, as well as the unknown results of inspections are now being conducted.

The play by David hare “the Blue room” – a paraphrase of the play of Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler’s “Love dance” – was written in the early twentieth century. First the play was seen in London in 1998 in the theater “Donmar Weinhaus”.

In June of this year the artistic Director of the Perm “theatre-Theatre” Boris Milgram announced that the theater came with a search warrant and the police seized documents concerning economic activities of the theatre, in particular the reconstruction of the main scene, which has already become a reason for mutual accusations between the regional Ministry of culture and the “Theatre-Theatre”. According to him, the police called their actions “a study to search for possible violations.”

In early June, the Ministry of culture of the Perm region have expressed dissatisfaction with the process of reconstruction of the main stage theater cost 194,7 mln. The Ministry claimed that one of the contractors for more than five months violated the deadlines and the management of the theatre instead of imposing fines, and entered into the additional agreement that allows you to qualify for the next tranche of 40 million rubles.

In late may, the Ministry of culture initiated an unscheduled inspection in “Theatre-Theatre”. The reason for it was a incident when due to the fall in gypsum Board from the ceiling and injured two people. Such actions against cultural institutions, the management of “theatre-Theatre” considered harassment and filed a complaint to the Prosecutor.

The Prosecutor’s office began an investigation in respect of “theatre-Theatre” after the show with “lesbian scenes” in the background of the image of the virgin 25.10.2016

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