The Prosecutor’s office of the Pskov region recognized lawful the actions of Regardie the storming of the house in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye, where the barricaded armed 15-year-old boy and a girl, fired on a police car. This was reported on the website of the Ministry.

“The actions of the SWAT unit of the Department of Regardie in the Pskov region to curb criminal attacks teenagers are legitimate,” – said in the message. The Pskov Prosecutor’s office checks on the fact of inadequate execution by employees of Strugo-Krasnenskiy, Pskov and police duties related to the conduct of inspections of storage of firearms.

On the website of the Pskov government had announced an emergency meeting of the Commission on minors ‘ Affairs with a discussion of suicide prevention in the teenage environment. It will hold on 15 November, first Deputy Governor of the Pskov Vera Emelyanov.

According to the official version, in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye teen girl barricaded in one of the houses and opened fire on the guards; then when the house was surrounded by SWAT officers, the young man killed his girlfriend and shot himself.

Although Regardie on the eve denied any involvement in SWAT fighters to death of teenagers, social media users do not believe that the incident was a suicide. Pair – 15-year-old Catherine and Denis led the video feed of their actions in the Periscop. Photo and video published in Instagram Denis.

“To kill yourself we can’t”: the Students claimed to have handed over all the weapons

A shotgun, which is possessed by the adolescents belonged to the stepfather of the girl, a law enforcement officer. In the last video, which was shot by teenagers, they say they handed over all the weapons up to the knives and ponder whether they give “Sable”, as they call SWAT. Transcript of conversation results in the online publication Meduza.

Denis: I have to pay for everything. I killed two dogs, I shot a window in the bath, neighbors, COP car, shot at police, took chase.

Catherine (quoted a remark from the viewer of the broadcast): “Parents are nearby”.

Dennis: Parents are really close. Together with “Sable”. “Sable” walk even around the house, so we didn’t.

Catherine (reads the question from the audience): “And the weapons are all taken?”

Denis: Knives, too. So to kill yourself we can’t.

Catherine: to Commit suicide we can’t.

Dennis: And as you know, is not an option.

Catherine (reading the question): “where’s your mother, Dennis?” She recently approached, spoke to us.

Denis: the Weapon took.

Catherine: the Weapon took.

Dennis: Bullets no more.

Katia: no Ammunition.

Denis: Only the empty roll (shows the socket).

Adolescents mentioned that they can kill intelligence officers, while calling the record her “last word.”

Dennis: I Must say the last word and have to think, because time is really little. And “Sobol” will come and kill us *****.

Catherine: Yes, we can kill.

Denis: “Sable” – he would not understand, he will not wring. Because “Sable” – it kills. From foot kicks the door special ****** and just – Bang, Bang, Bang, we’re dead.

These inconsistencies drew the attention of users of social networks: “what are they shot if they took all the weapons parents, with their words in a broadcast”, – quotes MediaLeaks a reasonable question user. “In their broadcast they said they threw all the weapons through the window. It is strange,” notes a user on Twitter.

In Regardie stressed that the security forces not opened fire: “When entering the house, SWAT officers was discovered opened the safe, which was previously a hunting rifle and ammunition, and beside him the body of a girl and a young man with obvious signs of suicide. During the operation, the SWAT officers did not open fire”.

The Prosecutor’s office has recognized the legitimate actions of Regardie when storming home with students at Pskov 15.11.2016

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