The Geneva Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into a series of cases of clogging public toilets banknotes of 500 euros. Unknown attackers clogged the toilets exploded and crumpled money.

The first of wasteful vandalism suffered toilet UBS Bank, then the same blockages arose in the toilets several cafés and pizzerias are located nearby. In total from the sewer got tens of thousands of euros. Some bills might be salvageable, the other is cut up into too small pieces, writes La Tribune de Geneve.

The destruction of banknotes in Switzerland is not a crime, however, as noted in comments to Bloomberg , the Geneva representative of the Prosecutor Henri Della Casa, behind this lies something more.

Le Figaro claims that the authorities took the incident very seriously and intend to find out what prompted the unknown to get rid of money in such a strange way. According to one version, destroy bills could act out of fear of the tax authorities, which initiated the withdrawal from circulation of banknotes of 500 euros in the following year.

The newspaper believes that blockages in the toilets could have two citizens of Spain, who several years ago put in a safety Deposit box in a Geneva Bank the money won in the lottery. It is known that a Spanish lawyer called for food establishments affected by the Euro in the sewers, and paid them compensation, without disclosing the name of his client. After that, a café and a pizzeria refused official claims to the toilet vandals.

EU authorities intend to withdraw from circulation Euro banknotes 500 for use in illegal operations. They will remain legal tender, but the European Central Bank will stop their production, notes NPR.

The Prosecutor’s office of Geneva is looking for intruders, clog public toilets in large bills 19.09.2017

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