The Prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region began an investigation in connection with the appeal of parents of pupils of a kindergarten N370 “Cinderella” in Traktorozavodsky area of Chelyabinsk, says that the children there are fed poor-quality products.

The audit will be given a legal assessment to actions of officials of the institution to comply with the legislation on the protection of life and health of minors. In the case of establishment of violations will be taken prosecutorial response, reported on the website of the Ministry.

The parents appealed to the Prosecutor after retired teacher of the kindergarten at the end of October sent them photos of the dishes with worms and larvae, which she claimed she was forced to feed the children. This caused a flurry of indignation unsuspecting parents of pupils of the kindergarten, which is considered “elite”.

Photos posted on his page in the social network “Vkontakte” the mother of one of children Olga shurupova. “Photo of the soup that ate our children, ate my son – angry woman. Soup with worms! My son has finished me finally. Said catch is.”

“Teacher of the younger group who refused to feed the children, fired – added shurupova. – Conducted parents the investigation revealed that this was not an isolated case.”

Luxury garden with a worm-eaten porridge

“The first case was in August – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda Chelyabinsk” retired educator of the middle group Svetlana Pronina. In the kitchen we were given a pot of porridge, and there were floating worms. To feed such children, of course, I did not. Handed out tea and sandwiches, and a bowl of cereal and ran to the head. She seems to be too rolled his eyes and promised to understand”.

But after a few days in the kitchen of the kindergarten was given a soup of worms. Pronin says that such incidents was five or six worms were given millet, semolina, peas, and every time she spoke about this to the manual. The last case, she said, occurred on 4 October. After this Pronin made a Memorandum, which was signed by 14 educators from other groups. The result is the conflict broke out, and 19-year-old teacher resigned.

Photos of maggoty dishes were done in the pot already in the group, that is, none of this food is thrown away, according to the publication. Parents are asked to check the accounting of the kindergarten for violations.

“Garden of the elite – said the mother of two kindergartners. On its contents we invested in full. Collect cleaning supplies, toilet paper, furniture, repair, even an outdoor space equipped with a zero. Today there is a feeling that we were betrayed”.

The head of the blame on suppliers

The head of this kindergarten Olga Sannikova confirmed that there were such cases, but says that worm-eaten meals children not eating, and has been criticized for suppliers of products. “The problem was, not only with cereals but also meat, and bread, – she told reporters. – Sometimes suppliers bring a bag, and cereal cocoon. Twice in the dishes was discovered larvae: the first time in wheat porridge, in soup with peas. But their children did not eat the food we had disposed of”.

To investigate scandalous stories also joined the deputies of the city Duma, reports the Agency Ura.runoting that in Chelyabinsk for several years there is a conflict in the field of school and kindergarten supplies, receives plenty of complaints of violations in this area, several criminal cases.

Meanwhile the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor during check of this kindergarten have not found the “presence in food products and prepared food contamination or breeding of insects,” according to the website of the Ministry.

The Prosecutor’s office was engaged in Chelyabinsk kindergarten, where kids were fed soup with worms: “I Said to catch and eat” (PHOTO) 03.11.2016

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