Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II almost became a victim of an accident during a night walk around Buckingham Palace. The Royal lady, suffering from insomnia and therefore released to go, she noticed one of the on duty outside the London residence of the British rulers, the guards, who mistook her for an intruder and nearly shot, according to The Times, referring to the testimony of the guard, at present, have already left the service.

When exactly the incident occurred is not specified. According to the interlocutor of The Times, alarmed by the appearance of suspicious figures, he shouted, “Who is it?” – and when he realized who was before him, emotionally cursed: “Damn it, Your Majesty, I almost had you shot”.

Realizing that made being rude to such an important person, the guardsman is expected that Queen Elizabeth II will give him a reprimand, but that did not happen. Instead, the Queen said, “All right.” She also promised to continue to warn guards if again going on a night walk around the Palace.

This is not the only such incident with members of the British Royal family. In 2013, Britain’s Prince Andrew, the middle son of Queen Elizabeth II, bears the title of Duke of York – was detained on the territory of Buckingham Palace, taking the intruder. Media reported that the 53-year-old Duke had to raise their hands and even lie down on the ground, sending it weapons. While Andrew could hardly convince the guards that they are dealing with a person of Royal blood.

However, the police claimed that during a short incident force to the detainee was not applied, and the more weapons it is not sent.

It was reported that police later brought the Duke an apology. At the same time in a press there was an amusing caricature, referring to the attempts of penetration on territory of a Palace of different people: a policeman by the scruff pulling into the station the Queen and reported to the Sergeant: “Caught one offender, who was hanging around Buckingham Palace.”

The Queen of great Britain almost got shot by her own guard, getting out in the press 05.01.2017

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