The leadership of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) has made the decision to make the program a team championship of Russia in 2017, the race to 10 thousand meters and dedicate it to the memory of the famous Soviet singer Vladimir Vysotsky.

Russian team chess championship 2017 will be held in Sochi and is scheduled for late may.

Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980) – renowned poet, bard, actor, author-performer of songs, many of which were devoted to sport and athletics in particular (“a song about the high jumper”, “a song about the long jumper,” “the song about the hammer thrower” and “Marathon”).

Songs about the activities performed by Vysotsky laced with humor and irony, but perfectly convey the desire of athletes to win at any cost, so many phrases from them become winged and are frequently quoted so far.

According to the results of a survey conducted among Russians in 2010 Vysotsky took second place in the list of “idols of the XX century” after Yuri Gagarin.

The race at 10,000 meters at the Russian Championships in athletics will dedicate to the memory of Vysotsky 29.10.2016

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