Federal project “Sober Russia” and Expert-analytical center for Public chamber (OP) has identified the least and most drinking regions of Russia in 2016, reported on the website of OP. According to the document entitled “a national ranking of sobriety of constituent entities of the Russian Federation – 2016″, the most alkoholisierung became Magadan oblast, and the least drinking area is recognised Chechnya.

The degree of “sobriety” of the region were taken using the data in 2015 from open sources and the statistics for each region. Were taken into account data such as the number of deaths overall and of deaths from alcohol poisoning; the number of patients registered with the diagnosis of alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses; the number of crimes committed by persons in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. Interested in compilers and how much it sold alcoholic beverages in the region, as well as the number of hours and days, which operated a ban on the sale of alcohol.

The final “point of sobriety” for each region was calculated by summing the occupied this region for each of the listed criteria. Ten regions with the largest number of alcohol-dependent (“most drinkers”) looks like this:

1. Magadan oblast (against 46.63)
2. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (of 45.12)
3. The Republic Of Komi (44,98)
4. Amur oblast (44,81)
5. Perm Krai (44,55)
6. Republic Of Karelia (Of 44.54)
7. The Republic Of Buryatia (44,35)
8. Sakhalin oblast (44,08)
9. Nizhny Novgorod oblast (42,86)
10. Kamchatka Krai (is 42.12)

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The rating of the sobriety of regions of Russia: of the “drunken” has become Magadan oblast 23.11.2016

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