The referendum on the independence of Catalonia, which is in favor of the region’s independence from Spain voted 90 percent of the local population (2.3 million people), is a warning for Poland, where there is a Movement for autonomy of Silesia (Silesia) is a region in the South-West of the country. The head of the interior Ministry of Poland Mariusz Blashak said Monday in the air of Polish radio.

“This is a warning for Poland, where there is a movement with the word “autonomy” in name,” said the Minister, Recalling that the previous government of the party “Civic platform” and the Polish peasant party make the rise of this organization to power in Silesia.

The Minister stressed that no one should interfere in the events in Spain and that the people of this country had to determine their own future. Established in Spain, the situation Blashak, according to TASS, called complex.

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“Rule number one, don’t want others to interfere in the internal situation of the country. The citizens themselves should make decisions about their future”, – said Polish Minister. In his opinion, the events in Spain – “it is the policies of the last few years, leading to the formation of separatism in Catalonia and in Madrid – permission on it.”

On the eve of Catalonia held a vote on secession from Spain. As stated in the night of Monday the authorities of the autonomy, the results, 90% of the region’s residents voted for secession from Spain.

In Madrid consider the referendum illegal. Sunday during the day across the region law enforcement bodies tried to prevent the vote and seized ballot boxes and the ballots, closing the polling stations. As a result of clashes between police and supporters of the referendum have affected more than 840 people.

The movement for autonomy of Silesia in Poland operates since 1990. Activists intend to achieve of the South-Western region of Poland autonomy and recognition of local residents specific ethnic group.

A few years ago, the movement urged the authorities to assist in the adoption of amendments to the Constitution to allow all regional communities to gain autonomy status, threatening otherwise to raise the issue of secession of the region.

Earlier, the Polish Sejm and the Senate adopted the law on national and ethnic minorities and on regional language, which is among the nine national and four ethnic groups Silesians were not mentioned, whereas, according to the census, tens of thousands of people consider themselves to be of Silesian nationality.

The Polish part of Silesia is divided into five provinces: Wielkopolskie, dolnośląskie, Lubuskie, opolskie, and Silesian. The Opole and Silesian Voivodeship constitute Upper Silesia. Lower Silesian Voivodeship is included in the geographic region of lower Silesia.

The referendum in Catalonia is a warning for Poland, said the head of the interior Ministry 02.10.2017

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