The first group of about 70 homeless children living in a refugee camp near the French town of Calais, came to the UK, reports TASS with reference to the BBC. In the camp, meanwhile, clashes with the police of the inhabitants, who had to use batons and smoke grenades.

The children arrived in the United Kingdom under the provisions of the Dublin agreement, providing for the possibility of receiving the “most vulnerable” children without family ties in the UK who are under the age of 13.
The UK government has previously committed itself to the end of this year to take the first street children from the Middle East who are in refugee camps in Europe.

As expected, according to the decision of the government of the United Kingdom will take up to 3 thousand refugee children from the Middle East and North Africa up to 2020.

Last year the UK has committed to take up to 20 thousand refugees from Syria until 2020.

Clashes in the camp continued

In early September, the interior Minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve announced the dismantling of the camp of migrants, also called the “jungle.” Such action has repeatedly called on local residents. It is expected that the camp, the southern part of which was already demolished last spring, will be dismantled in the coming days.

Against this background, there are regularly clashes between migrants with the police. So, on Saturday evening a group of 50 migrants threw stones at the police. To normalize the situation, the police had to use smoke grenades and batons, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Representatives of the volunteer movement Auberge des migrants and a number of other charitable organizations believe that around two thousand workers may refuse to leave the camp, as they still intend to get to the UK. According to the TV station, the authorities expect not to use force when dismantling the camp, but in case migrants refuse to leave the territory, law enforcement agencies have to intervene.

As the demolition of the camp migrants should carry on buses in different parts of the country where the refugees would provide an opportunity to apply for asylum.

The refugee camp in Calais amid clashes brought to Britain the first group of children 23.10.2016

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