The representative of the head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova came to Saratov, to settle the scandal of ballot stuffing for the “United Russia” at polling station N96 during elections to the state Duma. Local resident Sergei Ivanov, revealed violations, he met a man who introduced himself as Anton Lopatin, information about which is available on the official website of the CEC, told journalists the information Agency “Free news”.

According to Ivanov, after the publication of the video of the detention of a young man with papers on which were the marks for the “United Russia”, he had an appointment with a man who reported that he came from Moscow on Pamfilova. The interview lasted two hours and for the most part wore a pointless character, said the man.

“He began to tell me strange things. He is familiar with some Colonel who knows Karl Marx. He one day flew the plane four cities. He talks to Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky. I sit and think: “Why do I get this information?” – he pointed out.

Later, however, the conversation became specific direction. He asked Ivanov if he agrees to the fact that the incident with the young man on lot N96 in Saratov did not affect the voting results at the PEC. Then the capital guest said that the attempt of ballot stuffing unprovable, even if the attacker was caught by the hand.

“He said that we have such legislation that we have criminals walk in the wild. Have given many examples. For example, when a person is caught for stealing the car, and he said that just took it for a joyride,” – said Ivanov. According to Saratova, he had the strong impression that the other person is trying to justify a dishonest conduct of the elections.

In the end, the conversation took an unexpected turn. According to Ivanov, Lopatin with irony in his voice asked: “what can I do?! It was around the corner shot?”. The representative Pamfilova said that the arrested young man is innocent and should not need to touch.

In confirmation of his words, the CEC representative gave a copy of the response of the interior Ministry in the Saratov region, where it is stated that the crime structure in actions of the detainee is not found. Most Ivanov Lopatin promised reward for vigilance in the area.

Saratov journalists have noted that on the website of the CEC contains information about Anton Lopatin. It is reported that he was awarded the medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree and included in the personnel reserve of the President of the Russian Federation. In 2007 he directed the Secretariat of the Secretary of Presidium of General Council of party “United Russia”. In the Saratov regional election Commission was unable to immediately confirm the details of your visit to the region member of the CEC.

The elections in Russia were held in a single voting day on September 18. After the elections, United Russia got a constitutional majority in the lower chamber of new convocation. Immediately after the elections, the movement “Voice” told about the large number of violations – it was reported ballot box stuffing at the polling stations of Moscow, the Rostov region, Moscow region, Stavropol territory, Voronezh region, Bashkortostan, Samara region, Kostroma region, Republic of Tatarstan, Krasnoyarsk region, Ryazan region, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad region, Saratov region, Chelyabinsk region, the Republic of Dagestan.

About numerous violations told the reporters of Reuters. September 21, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova announcedthat the results of the elections to the Duma were abolished in nine polling stations in Adygea, Dagestan, Mordovia Republic in St. Petersburg as well as in Belgorod, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov regions.

In Rostov-on-don on the fact of ballot stuffing by election Commission member with a criminal case. Accusations of ballot rigging and stuffing of ballot papers presented to the Chairman of the precinct election Commission N1958 Proletarian district of Rostov-on-don, Secretary and one member of the Commission.

Another criminal case was initiated against the Chairman of the precinct election Commission in the Belgorod region for ballot stuffing. The results of the elections in this area were also cancelled.

The representative of the CEC came to Saratov for settlement of the scandal with the ballot stuffing for the “United Russia” 08.11.2016

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