The Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for external Church relations and society (OVCO) Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, participating in the Second International inter-religious youth forum in the Dagestani city of Izberbash and answered the questions of young delegates expressed concern about the availability of abortion in Russia lobby.

“Of course it is, and his work was I particularly visible in connection with the discussion of the initiatives of his Holiness the Patriarch and the subsequent laws dealing with abortion restrictions”, – quotes Agency “Interfax” the words of the priest.

This lobby he took four forces. The first two, according to Chaplin, is organized and defend their economic interests.

“First of all, – said the head of OUZO, – it is about those private clinics that perform abortions in violation of the law, in particular make them almost on the same day, contrary to the norm of compliance with the so-called “day of silence”, make them anonymous, sometimes very late, getting good money and disorienting state and society, bringing a significant portion of abortions in the shadow.”

The representative of the ROC believes that public organizations that oppose the spread of abortion, should monitor the activities of such clinics and in case of violation of the law to inform the Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of health. Especially carefully it should keep track of advertisements that offers abortion services anonymously, on the same day.

The second part of the lobby, Chaplin continued, that those who use abortifacient materials in medicine and pharmacology.

“Recent history with the leader of the International Association of family planning shows that the market for these materials is very common in the world and generates huge revenues. I am glad that now developed a bill, supported by the Ministry of health, who makes a complete ban on the use of cellular material obtained as a result of the termination of the development of the human embryo. I hope that this law as quickly as possible to act and what business on the cannibalism will stop,” said the priest, also proposing to outlaw the use of biomaterials obtained during the abortion.

Another kind of abortion lobby is, in his words, the organization associated with the foreign centers, which aim to reduce the world’s population, such as the Russian Association for population and development, better known as the Russian family planning Association. The Association was forced to change the name because of the negative attitude to it in a significant part of society.

“These providers are some of the UN agencies and international non-governmental funds. These organisations in Russia, no doubt, do nothing: the theme of reducing the population of Russia is irrelevant in principle with our land and open spaces at the number of people we have,” said the priest.

Besides, he added, it is no secret that these organizations support such a harmful influence on population growth factors the same as abortion, the juvenile justice system, the fight against so-called domestic violence, propaganda of homosexuality, that is all that is opposed to the values and lifestyle of the traditional family.

Finally, the fourth group of unorganized, spontaneous and acts more intuitively – “those who have a guilty conscience who have had abortions or were pushed close to them,” said Chaplin, explaining that among these people there-politicians, publicists, and web-active
the audience.

“Their reasoning was to see what was wrong. They just don’t want to hear about the topic of abortion. To soothe, to lull the conscience, so their excuses and fear to speak on the topic – only for a while, before crossing the threshold of eternity, will postpone their meeting not only with a conscience, but also with God, who will ask about what happened,” said the priest.

The way out for these people he considers “not silence on the topic, not an escape from conscience and repentance, and active, which can be expressed including in resolute opposition to abortion, to participate these people in the deliverance of Russia from this sin is not only personal but also collective, national”.

The representative of the ROC pointed to four types-abortion lobby in Russia 05.08.2015

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