American congressmen from the Republican party to block the investigation of the relations of the presidential candidate Donald trump of Russia, stated in article by The Daily Beast, which quotes InoPressa.

“Russian hackers are apparently trying to interfere in our elections. However, Republicans in Congress obstruct any investigation while their investigation (of activities. – Approx. Hillary Clinton continue,” the article says.

As explained by the journalists, the efforts of the Democrats trying to investigate any possible connection trump with Russia, mentioned in news reports and in closed briefings by the intelligence, be in vain, because they are a minority in both houses of Congress. Without the support of Republicans they can’t send subpoenas to potential witnesses and didn’t have enough weight to investigate the activities of trump.

Sources The Daily Beast among the congressmen from the Republican party said that when trump and his assistants with the Russian authorities and businessmen have not gone unnoticed and are cause for concern.

The article States that “Republicans have no desire to launch an investigation into the activities of a candidate from their party and they still believe that the FBI botched the investigation of Clinton and her aides, which, according to Republicans-congressmen should be punished for improper handling of state secrets.”

It is noted that last month a high-ranking Democrats of the four committees of the house of representatives wrote to the Director of the FBI a letter with a request to investigate whether it would be possible ties between officials of the electoral headquarters of the trump and the Russian government “to promote” hacks email of the Democratic party. However, FBI Director James Comey, speaking before the legal Committee of the house of representatives refused to confirm or deny that the Bureau had accepted the requests of the Democrats, noting that the FBI does not allow to comment on his investigation.

During the election campaign in the United States from the camp of the Democrats and the American press has repeatedly heard allegations that the Kremlin allegedly interferes with the election process in America and trying to help Trump win. The Kremlin said that Moscow never interfere in electoral processes in other countries.

Earlier, journalists wrote that trump has massive ties with Russia. So, the Financial Times hinted at the business interests trump of Russia, The Washington Post claimedthat trump has surrounded himself with a team of advisors formerly associated with the Russian financial. Recall that the head of his election headquarters accused the receipt of cash payments from the Ukrainian Pro-Russian Party of regions.

I should add that trump is so often made Pro-Russian statements that the former head of the CIA, Michael Morell, analyzing the rhetoric of trump, suggestedthat “Putin is playing on vulnerabilities trump flattery”, and that “it is the way Putin expected. “In intelligence, we would say that Putin recruited trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation,” wrote Morell.

The Republican party of the United States was accused of blocking the investigation of relationships trump with Russia 30.09.2016

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