The national Committee of the Republican party over the weekend intends to rethink the electoral strategy, and the lawyers meanwhile study possible ways to replace Donald trump on another candidate for the presidency a month before the vote, according to Politico , citing a source familiar with the situation.

Yesterday the Chairman of the national Committee of Primus Raines said that trump is rapidly losing the support of Republicans because of the scandalous audio recording in which billionaire demeaning comments about women. The situation, according to Primus, deprives trump’s chances of winning.

As the newspaper notes, the replacement of trump’s candidate is complicated by the fact that the ballots are already printed, and in some States began early voting. One source claims that the issue of replacing the billionaire on candidate is now engaged in “army of lawyers”.

Another source told Politico argues that the only way to change candidate a month before the election – with its own consent trump. “It can only be replaced if I dropped out or die. But he said it has no plans neither,” said the source.

However, a number of representatives of the party proposing to keep calm and first see whether trump to survive the rising storm. The decisive episode, at this stage, will be the second round of debates between trump and Hillary Clinton.

A day earlier, the Network was released a video of 11 years ago where trump said that any woman would allow him to grab her private parts, because he’s a celebrity. This phrase has caused a flurry of criticism of the billionaire as a former and current politicians advised him to withdraw from the presidential race.

Trump himself, however, to go on about critics not planning. On his Twitter page, he issued a statement in which he stressed that he never said he was perfect man, and he was sincerely sorry that he had spoken the words.

Here is my statement.

The Republican party was thinking about replacing trump on the candidate 09.10.2016

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