Unusual gift asked a resident Perm Louise Guzova their home on the 80-year anniversary. Her wish was the parachute jump, reports broadcasting company “Ural-inform”.

The first experience of the Permian was obtained in 77 years. However, according to her, then she felt the full charm of a free fall, so I decided to take a chance again.

“I don’t think that parachute jump is very unusual. It’s just yourself you need to set. This is not a dream but a wish. The most elementary desire. I can tell you that it’s good to overcome yourself, because you get really high”, – shared his impressions of a thrill seeker.

According to the media, attraction to the extreme at Gusevoj was always. At 70, she discovered diving. And soon plans to take an extreme journey to the far East. According to the pensioner, at her age have yet to experience.

Note that parachuting is very popular in the Perm region. In December last year, the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” wrote about the 17-year-old schoolgirl Anastasia Maltsev, which made 590 skydiving.

And in July 2015 the team Chudinov Inna and Sergei Yakovlev played in the air the wedding, with witnesses jumping with a parachute, at a height of four kilometers, reported the website 59.ru.

The resident of Perm celebrated the 80th anniversary of the parachute jump 28.09.2016

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