The Russians continue to show the wonders of ingenuity in order to evade the fulfillment of debt obligations. A resident of Perm Krai, who received loans in the amount of more than 2.2 million rubles on the development of the hotel business, decided not to return the debt, declaring himself “the direct power of the people of RSFSR and the USSR (Russia)”, according to the regional UFSSP.

When the bailiffs arrived to recover the debt on the flat of naletilic, that give them the documents and slammed the door in their nose, and in further calls was unresponsive. In the package the officers found the demands of the citizen to carry out a relationship with her on the question of the recovery of debts under credit agreements, “as a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the basis of generally accepted norms of international law in the presence of the officials of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, to call the Soviet Ambassador, as required by diplomatic Protocol”.

Also naletilic reported that he had sent “a request to the Prosecutor General of the USSR in inspection officials posing as court bailiff of the Russian Federation”, otherwise “to open a criminal case under paragraph 2 of article 64 of the RSFSR criminal code – “Treason”. All claims by the officials of the Russian Federation it is required to agree with the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR.

Also in the hands of the bailiffs was a resolution on the appointment of the debtor, the acting head of the city Vereshchagino, acting head Vereshchagino district of the Perm region, the Russian Federation, the resolution on the appointment of the laws of war and wartime of the citizen “Delavnica of Sharedarray representation of the forces of Light”, as well as proof of citizenship of the Plenipotentiary representative of the acting President of the USSR.

In UFSSP noted that all sorts of unusual demands of citizens who do not want to repay debts, ceased to impress the bailiffs. “To the citizen who imagines himself “the direct power of the people of the USSR and RSFSR” will be applied measures of debt enforcement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation”, – is informed in the service.

According to employees of the Federal bailiff service, this is not the first case when the debtors in this region do not behave quite adequately. So, in may of last year the inhabitant of Sverdlovsk area of Perm declared himself king not to return the amount of interest on the loan, believing that in the face of this level property claims should not be no one, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Meanwhile, last summer the inhabitant of Orenburg, owes 60 thousand roubles for utilities, tried to settle with the bailiffs Soviet banknotes.

In General, what tricks do not go to our citizens to avoid paying the bills. In one case in Astrakhan with this aim, the woman changed her sex, but again soon got into debt – like a man already.

Against this background, the staff of the FSSP, particularly in the regions are regularly seized various property and livestock from careless debtors, individuals and legal entities to force those to pay the bills. If taken in time is not redeemed, it goes to auction.

The resident of Perm declared itself “the direct power of the people of the USSR” not to return a two-million debt 17.10.2016

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