Semimilitary six-shooter brand lefoshe (Lefaucheux), involved in one of the most notorious literary scandals of the nineteenth century, sold at auction in Paris for 434500 euros (about 460 thousand dollars). Representatives of the auction house Christie’s said that the gun was sold for a sum seven times its original estimate.

Precisely because of these weapons on 10 July 1873 the famous poet-symbolist Paul Verlaine wounded another famous poet Arthur Rimbaud, who was at that moment his lover, reports The Telegraph. The couple had a big fight in one of the hotels of Brussels and furious 29-year-old Verlaine fired two shots at Rimbaud, who was at that time only 18 years old.

Verlaine at the time lived outside of France, hiding from the persecution for their participation in the uprising of the Paris commune. His relationship with Rimbaud was nakolennye. Verlaine quarreled with him, intending to return with his wife, it was again persuaded to live together. Relations were exacerbated by the fact that both poets are abused opium and absinthe.

After another quarrel July 4, Verlaine left London, where he lived with Rimbaud in Brussels. However, from there he sent Rambo a letter in which he threatened to shoot himself. July 8, Rimbaud joined him in Brussels, but continued to insist on the breakup and said he wanted to return to Paris.

On 10 July, Verlaine bought a revolver in a gun known to the firm Montigny, and came back to the hotel in the course of a quarrel fired two shots at Rimbaud. One bullet hit poet in the wrist, the second hit the wall and then ricocheted into the chimney.

After that, Verlaine took Rimbaud to the hospital, where he assisted, and then they went to the station. On the way Verlaine threatened to shoot, Rambo, saw that he stuck his hand in his pocket, got scared and ran away, screaming for help. The appeared in time police arrested Verlaine.

Rambo refused to press charges in the assassination attempt on his life, however, the Brussels court found Verlaine guilty to assault and was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 200 francs.

The revolver was returned to the gun shop in Brussels, where he bought Verlaine. The weapon remained there until the store closed in 1981. Then the gun went to the collector of arms to Jacques Rue. In 2015, it was shown at the exhibition in the prison of Mons, where Verlaine was incarcerated.

Rimbaud after being wounded he returned to his native town of Charleville in Northern France, where I finished the book “One summer in hell,” which became one of his most famous works.

And Verlaine after 555 days of imprisonment, was released early on 16 January 1875 for good behavior. In prison Verlaine wrote 32 poems, later included in his collections of Romances sans paroles (1874), Sagesse (1880) and Jadis et naguère (1884).

The last time Verlaine and Rimbaud met in 1875, the meeting ended with a new violent quarrel and fight. Rimbaud abandoned poetry, engaged in trade in Africa and Yemen and died in 1891 in Marseille from cancer at the age of 37 years. The poet was buried in his hometown of Charleville.

Verlaine died in 1896, from the effects of severe alcoholism and pneumonia at the 52nd year of life.

The revolver from which the lover is wounded Rimbaud in Brussels, was sold at auction for 430 thousand Euro 01.12.2016

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