Specially created by the Russian football Union (RFU), the Commission of experts on the analysis of the match 12-go round RFPL between Yekaterinburg “Ural” and groznenskogo “Terek” have not found in this meeting the characteristic features of the contractual game. This was stated by the head of the Commission Anzor, Kavazashvili.

“The Commission Valery Butenko Dmitry Bulykina and Kavazashvili conducted a survey of the match “Ural” – “Terek” and gave his analysis. In the match any of the characteristic features of a fixed match is not found, but there are very serious remarks to the goalie and in some moments – the balance of power in the team,” said Kavazashvili the Agency “R-Sport”.

“We had a weak game of goalkeepers and tactical mistake of the head coach “Ural”, which could not neutralize the error of the left defender of the team at the expense of the replacement or insurance. The error was purely technical. The first and fourth goal, the goalkeeper just missed terribly, and the left-back failed to attack and did not have time to go back, while making technical mistakes. In General, “Ural” there are no claims in terms of fair play”, – the expert explained in an interview with TASS.

Kavazashvili also stressed that all members of the Commission unanimously agreed on the fact that the match is absolutely not contractual in nature.

Meeting “Ural” – “Terek” was held on October 30 in Yekaterinburg ended with the score 4:1 in favor of the guests. In response to an abnormal betting game quotes in the press have dubbed “weird”, and some journalists, including well-known commentator Vasily Utkin, directly called her a contract.

According to conspiracy theories, “Ural” gave “the favor” “Terek” during the match, which took place in may of 2015. Then Grozny in last round of the championship lost at home 1:3, which allowed the club from Ekaterinburg to maintain residence in the Premier League.

The flames were fanned by the fact that the coach of “Ural” Vadim Skripchenko immediately after the match at his own request left the post. The act was explained by fatigue and the desire to improve their health, but several days later Skripchenko found a job in the “Wings of the Soviets”.

In connection with the scandal “Terek” has demanded from RFS to investigate on the subject of the contractual nature of the match, and “Ural” supported this initiative. A Commission was established, which was headed by Kavazashvili.

The RFU did not see the game “Ural” and “Terek” signs of a fixed match 24.11.2016

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