Head of the Patriarchal centre for crisis psychology Michael Khas’minskii said that the program of Russian schools included a large number of books in which, in his opinion, promoted suicide. Among these the works of classical Russian and foreign literature, he, in particular, called Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”, and also the tragedy of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” and “hamlet”, informs the Agency “Moscow”.

“The fact that the topic of suicide is romanticized in “Romeo and Juliet”, is a romanticizing of suicide in particular. And then we ask why children normally belong to suicide – they write essays about it” – said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Poor Liza” provoked the imitative history of suicides back in the days when Nikolai Karamzin was alive. “Bride” – there is almost suicide, Alexander Ostrovsky, “the Storm” – all passed. Children are given this behavior in different ways,” said Khas’minskii, adding that “Maxim Gorky, too, can be different to come up.” As you know, the plot of the play Gorky’s “the lower depths” killed one of the characters is an Actor.

“As well as “the Seagull” Anton Chekhov’s play, “hamlet”, “Mitya’s Love” by Ivan Bunin, “Anna Karenina”. And if during the passage of their children said something antisuicidal, it would be correct. I do not urge that we should ban something, but it is necessary to serve properly,” said Khas’minskii. He also expressed the view that care is needed not to give children information on writers who have committed suicide.

In the Russian Academy of education criticized the approach to Khas’minskii school curriculum. Professor RAO, doctor of pedagogical Sciences Evgeny Vyazemsky in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” called “blasphemous” very formulation of the question. “In art and culture vector, the themes of these novels are much deeper than just the propaganda of anything. A classic is a classic, global cultural Canon, which has different facets. And, in General, life and death are a mystery. Any work is very versatile, especially the classic,” said Vyazemsky.

The inclusion of the works of Leo Tolstoy in the school curriculum recently discussed in the press and blogs after the President of RAO Lyudmila Verbitskaya said that the students have to deliver from the study of the novel “War and peace” and some works of Feodor Dostoevsky as it is a deep philosophical works, discourse on various topics. She expressed the opinion that the child will not be able to understand their entire depth.

At the same time Verbitskaya stated the need for inclusion in the school curriculum Bible study. The theme of active introduction into the life of the Bible continued 79-year-old TV presenter, scientist and Public chamber member Nikolai Drozdov, who is invited regularly to read from the Bible on the leading Russian channels and radio stations to promote “ecology of souls”.

The ROC saw “Romeo and Juliet” and “Anna Karenina” propaganda of suicide 06.10.2016

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