The Russian Orthodox Church needs to deploy antiaborto activities in local schools, the head of the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov.

“Twenty years ago we began this activity, came to school with lectures, films, the experience is” – quoted by the website of the Commission. According to the cleric, now in this plan it would be useful to show in schools a new half-hour film called “Live”, made in the form of a report from the abortion clinics, where “the horror of the situation is shown from the inside.”

“If you start to care for the school (maybe not immediately, but somehow be able to penetrate and establish relationships with the Director) and senior school students each year spend one lecture and one short film, the mind children will have to change if they purposely do this,” – said Smirnov.

He pointed out that the main sphere of influence of the Church in the school are eighth and ninth grades, “There is still purity and we can try them in children, to build a barrier”.

Also the head of the profile Commission expressed confidence in the ability of the forces of the parishes to organize the work with women who come to abortion, and thus reduce the incidence of abortion. In his opinion, every hospital and hospitals are required to hang posters and to inform the phones of priests, dealing with this topic and can be accessed.

He spoke on the topic of removing abortion from the system of compulsory medical insurance (OMS). “Here we interact with the Ministry of health. It is headed by Veronika I. Skvortsova, who is positioning himself as an Orthodox Christian, she goes to Church… But nevertheless meet the call of His Holiness about the removal of abortion from health insurance she can’t get a very strong resistance,” – said Smirnov.

In June of this year the Interreligious Council of Russia, which includes leaders and representatives of traditional religious communities of the country, called to take abortion out of the system. Patriarch Kirill at the end of September signed the petition of the movement “For life”, proposes to ban abortion.

Currently in many churches of Russia at the initiative of this social movement is collecting signatures under the petition to the legislative prohibition of abortions. All the initiators of the action plan to collect a million signatures to pass on to the Federal authorities.

At the end of October in Moscow held a mass rally to ban abortion, organized by the Orthodox activists. As reported, some participants supported a ban even in cases of rape women: “If the woman is raped and she got pregnant is God’s will.”

Also supported a ban on abortion authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova, some state Duma deputies, famous actors and athletes.

However, according to the October poll, 70% of Russians voted against removing abortion from the system. Opponents of the legislative prohibition of abortion believe that a woman should decide to abort an unwanted pregnancy or not.

The fight against abortion has resulted in Russia in the beginning of 2015, when the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, speaking in the framework of the Christmas parliamentary meetings, urged lawmakers to bring abortion out of the system. Later a similar bill was introduced in the state Duma and caused a lot of discussion, and the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko called the document an extremist.

The ROC wanted to deploy antiaborto activity in schools 15.11.2016

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