Italy continued espionage story with the arrest over the weekend in Rome of Portuguese intelligence officer and Russian, presumably the employee of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR), which the Portuguese sold the secrets of the EU and NATO. On Thursday, the Rome court refused to release the Russian from-under arrest, reports portal Observador.

According to journalists, the detention of a Russian citizen was in possession of a diplomatic passport. However, despite this, the court refused to release him. The publication, citing its sources said that the Italian authorities have received a request from Portugal to extradite the detainees. As a rule, for consideration of such requests can take up to 60 days.

At the same time, in Western media there are some details of this case. The name of the Russians is still not disclosed. Portuguese “mole” was named press three two days ago. They found 57-year-old analyst of Service of information and security (SIS), Portugal’s Frederico Carvalho. According to journalists, he worked for the RAF at least two years. In Rome the intelligence officer brought secret documents relating to NATO and the EU, is a member of Portugal.

Italian police and the counterintelligence staff of the Portuguese took Carvalho and “curator” of the SVR on Saturday at the time of file transfer in one of the bars in Rome. From Carvalho were discovered secret documents the Russians was in possession of a large amount of cash.

According to the Portuguese media, Carvalho was in intimate relations with several women from Eastern Europe and from Russia. During a search in apartment of the mole, were discovered various documents and cash. According to sources of the edition, probably, for each document, the Portuguese were received from the Russian in 10 thousand Euro.

The investigation began last fall

The investigation into this case continues. Portuguese detainee is suspected of espionage, disclosing state secrets and illegal transfer of confidential information. As noted by the newspaper Diario de Noticias, the analysis of the seized documents could lead to the emergence of new details.

The investigators will establish the extent of damage caused to the country, EU and NATO actions Carvalho. It is not excluded that the employee of intelligence, selling secrets to Russia, did not act alone, wrote the journalists of Jornal de Noticias.

Portuguese intelligence agencies regularly receive sensitive information from the countries – NATO allies, including the United States. In particular, we are talking about security threats, defense strategy of the Alliance military resources and military personnel, as well as about the names of terrorism suspects.

According to Diario de Noticias, the investigation against Carvalho was launched in October – November 2015 and has been spying on him and tapping his telephone conversations.

It is noted that the Portuguese entered the service in SIS in 1980-ies, it is called the veteran intelligence. He served in several departments, including in dealing with counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism. In Facebook he did not hide his sympathy for the countries of the former Soviet Union, in particular, several recent posts on his page were devoted to Georgia.

The Rome court refused to release the Russian citizen, who was arrested on suspicion of buying secrets of the EU and NATO 27.05.2016

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