Press release of the Rosselkhoznadzor about the study of samples of domestic products, the results of which in each have found any harmful substances, according to the Agency, incorrectly filed in the media. This is stated on the Agency’s website. Meanwhile, according to the original press release is available in the Google cache, the harmful substances in “100% of domestic production” Agency reported earlier itself.

St. Petersburg edition “Fontanka” reports that the press release “About the detection of hazardous substances in the products” dated August 20, badly edited.

First, from the text removed the statement “100% of the samples of domestic production revealed violations”, and secondly – fixed the title in the first embodiment does not give hope for the safety of the Russian dairy products, and now not necessarily indicate any affiliation with these products to Russia.

In addition, the number of specimens examined was reduced from 15 to 14: disappeared the only foreign product – Hungarian beef, in which harmful substances are not found.

In Rosselkhoznadzor emphasize that the present press release – office calls it “the illiterate language”: “It is not about a total inspection of products of domestic origin, and a member of the laboratory monitoring, which is carried out by the service regularly. In particular, it was checked a total of 14 samples, which revealed deviations”.

“Note with regret that certain media, not wanting to understand the situation, sensationalist, slants information, giving false data with screaming” headlines,” says the Agency.

With the beginning of the destruction of the sanctions of the products of the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor found “sad” downloads: by presidential decree, the destruction of contraband food items must be removed on video. Their Agency publishes its YouTube channel, also regularly reporting on the extent of execution of the decree.

The Rosselkhoznadzor edited press release about “one hundred percent” the dangers of Russian products and scolds the media for “illiterate” feed 22.08.2015

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