The democratic party of socialists, led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, won last Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Montenegro.

According to exit polls cited by the Center for monitoring and research, the results of 48.4% of the treated votes from DPS – 40.8% of the votes, the opposition Democratic front 21%, and the moderate opposition coalition is the “Key” gained 10.7 percent.

Overall there were 17 political subjects – 3 coalition and 14 party lists. The Parliament will be selected 81 deputies. They are elected for four years by direct, universal and secret ballot.

According to TASS, before the vote, analysts primarily interested in the question: will he be able to stay in power, Djukanovic, more than a quarter century acting in the role of Prime Minister or President of the country. Together with Djukanovic in Montenegro will remain Pro-Western course.

The opposition, by contrast, has a policy of friendship with Russia and intends to refuse entry into NATO. Democratic front in the electoral campaign presented a program on improvement of situation in the sphere of social protection of the population. The main focus of the opposition in foreign policy – the call for a referendum on joining NATO, a reversal to traditional friends, Russia and Serbia, which implies the lifting of sanctions against Russia and canceling the recognition of Montenegro’s independence, Kosovo.

On the eve of voting day, the Montenegrin news Agency, citing sources in the European Commission announced that the results of the parliamentary elections can be falsified.

The ruling party wins the parliamentary elections in Montenegro 17.10.2016

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