According to the defense Ministry, nearly 30 Syrian soldiers were injured in the result of the militants on November 13 chemical weapons in Eastern Aleppo.

“Last night in the Eastern district of Aleppo (Karim-Jazmati) on Syrian government forces by terrorists once again chemical weapons were used… as a result, about 30 members of the 415 battalion of the 115th division of the Republican guard received poisonings of various severity level. Most of them were quickly evacuated to a hospital in Aleppo” – quoted by TASS representative of the Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, experts of the Scientific centre of radiation, chemical and biological protection has determined that the militants attacked the Syrian troops in Aleppo, using chlorine.
“Taken by officers of the Russian Scientific centre of radiation, chemical and biological protection on the spot samples confirmed the use of militants as a toxic substance – chlorine”, – he explained.

The Syrian military said that the gassing was preceded by the explosion of a mine or a gas cylinder launched from a makeshift rocket launcher with a type of “Hell fire.”

The representative of the defense Ministry stressed that “the terrorists in Aleppo chlorine used against Syrian soldiers and civilians more and more”, but “none of the politicians, who are concerned in public about Aleppo in France and especially in Britain, to focus not see these crimes.” “Or rather, want to see the perpetrators of this only the Syrian authorities,” – said Konashenkov.

In connection with the events of the defense Ministry again called on the leadership of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to send to Aleppo experts, primarily professionals working with toxic substances, not “politicized the Humanities to read notations”. Previous treatment of the defense Ministry on this occasion took place on November 11.

Meanwhile, human rights activists have reported air strikes on two hospitals in Aleppo, which resulted in the injury of several patients and medical workers, reports Reuters. Allegedly, in the course of last night the aircraft fulfilled a purpose in the city of Atareb. At least five times had the only hospital in this city. Also the coordinators of the Syrian American medical community informed about the shelling of a hospital in the town of Ansar in 15 kilometers from Atareb. Allegedly, this was the third attack on medical facilities in the last month.

As reminds Agency, the Syrian and the Russian authorities categorically deny any deliberate targeting of humanitarian facilities, but in Moscow and Damascus have repeatedly pointed out that the rebels are using civilians and “so-called hospital” as human shields. In addition, it was reported about creation in the areas of operations of medical institutions without appropriate labelling.

The Russian defense Ministry reported a new case of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian militants 14.11.2016

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