The Russian Embassy in Britain criticized the newspaper The Times for the “cheap tricks” in the article on the virus-the extortioner WannaCry. There is a picture of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed on the screenshot of the notification that your computer is infected.

The material called “Hackers did us a last warning,” the author of the British newspaper talks about the ease with which the virus struck computers in 150 countries around the world, crippling the operations of many critical state institutions.

The material is accompanied by an illustration of a screen that appears when WannaCry strikes a computer. In the foreground Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Photo caption reads: “Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN employs hackers, but who was behind the attack WannaCry unknown”.

Embassy of Russia accompanies its response with the hashtag #Russiansdidit – it is used to describe those situations, the blame for which can be shifted to Russia, often in an ironic way, says RIA “Novosti”.

.@thetimes: cheap/parlour tricks with images #russiansdidit again

The Russian Embassy in Britain, chided The Times for the collage with Putin and Kim Jong-UN 20.05.2017

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