The Russian Embassy in London has warned the Russians are in
In the UK, about the possibility of an attack in the dark people
clown suits. The Embassy recalls that when
reports of popular in several countries entertainment, forced
the network of restaurants of fast food McDonald’s to reduce the number of events with
its symbol is the clown Ronald McDonald.

“According to British media reports and law enforcement agencies,
recently in different regions of the country in the dark
there are cases of attacks on people of the attackers in clown
suits. The goal of the antics the British “clowns” is to cause fear and
bewilderment. Ask in the UK of Russian citizens to take
this information,” – said on the website of the Ministry.

Today McDonald’s announced the reduction of events with
using corporate clown Ronald McDonald in connection with
reports of “scary clowns” is spreading from August 2016
year in the US, UK, Australia and Brazil, reports the BBC.

“McDonald’s and its franchises in the national markets follow the current
the situation around clowns in society,” – said in
of the company, having in mind the same message about the attackers in suits and
masks of clowns terrorizing people. The restrictions imposed on
part of Ronald McDonald in public events, temporary,
emphasize in fast food chains.

“If we change their lives, clowns have won,” said about
solution McDonald’s one Twitter user. As noted by The
The New York Post
, the role of the first mcdonaldslogo clown played
1963 Willard Scott, a former TV weatherman in the program
Today on NBC. He did not respond to calls from journalists who tried
ask him to comment on the clown hysteria, but the earlier notice,
that Ronald helped the children to understand that “positive emotions come
when you’re honest with yourself and accept myself.”

Fashion to scare people in clown costumes started up in the USA in August after
message from Greenville in South Carolina, where a man disguised as
a clown with a red curly wig, tried
to lure children into the woods. Since then, reports of scary clowns came
of the 20 States, including new York, Ohio and South Carolina.

Then the fashion spread to Britain, where a student dressed up
a clown with a chainsaw to scare the friends University campus.
Incidents of recorded clowns in Norwich, Durham, Kidlington,
Gloucestershire. Clowns chased the children and women, good sense of humor from Kidlington
armed with a baseball bat, the Joker from Durham machete,
Gloucestershire six clowns appeared with knives. There were reports of
attacks people in clown masks robbing schools and other
public buildings.

American organization Clowns of America International, having
the slogan “ambassadors of joy,” refused to be interviewed about this,
remembering the jokes from the media. “We tried to explain but nothing
turned and we looked silly”, – quotes BBC News
review of its representative in the material devoted to

It did not help exhortations by American writer Stephen king,
created in the novel “It” the image of the demonic Pennywise, under the mask
which lies an eternal Evil. “Hey, guys, it’s time to stop
the hysteria about clowns. Most of them are still good, delight
children make people laugh”, – he wrote on 3 October in his Twitter.
On this he immediately said: “no One contributed to this hysteria
more than “It”.

In October fashion spread
in Australia and New Zealand after numerous reports of
encounters with terrifying clowns, the Australian police made
warnings to those who are going to break the law
hiding behind clown masks.

The Russian Embassy in London warned the Russians about the attacks of the British clowns 12.10.2016

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