In the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the project of the main directions of tax policy for 2017-2019 contains a proposal to introduce excise duty on electronic cigarettes, reports “Interfax”.

Now electronic cigarette and related products are exempt from excise duty.

In the document we are talking about the amount of 40 rubles per one “electronic delivery system for nicotine refill” or 15 roubles for 1 ml “nikotinsoderzhaschie liquid used in reusable electronic delivery systems nicotine”.

The Director of the Department of revenue of the Ministry of Finance Elena Lebedinskaya said with confidence that it is profitable and budget, and society.

“The first thing that comes to mind and actively being discussed is electronic cigarette. It’s not a very large sum, but important social effect: it is a win not only for the budget, but also for society in General” – quoted by the official news service RNS.

As said by Lebyadzinskaya, part of the introduction of the new excise tax proceeds, in particular, to avoid the withdrawal of excisable products to other names. It is necessary to act carefully and to make informed decisions, as any excise tax is a burden on the consumer, she acknowledged.

Last week the Finance Ministry announced its intention to annually increase the excise tax on tobacco products by 10% over three years. During this period, the Agency expects to collect in the budget 243 billion rubles. The experts in this regard, predictingthat retail cigarette prices will rise by 10-20 rubles for a pack to average prices in 102 of the ruble.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance intends to impose excise tax tobacco products that are heated during use. It is proposed to set a rate of excise duties on tobacco, and to impose additional taxes on tobacco products, which the producers have stored in warehouses at the end of the year before the next increase in excise duties. For the latter, however, will need to make changes to the Tax code.

In April, the state Duma introduced a bill restricting Smoking of electronic cigarettes in Russia.

The Russian Finance Ministry is preparing the introduction of excise duty on electronic cigarettes 05.10.2016

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