The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova compared conducted with
the support of the US operation to liberate Mosul from the Iraqi terrorists with a medieval massacre. The population there is “mass dying both from terrorists and from their opposing forces coalition” and the coalition has a policy of “information embargo” without providing reliable data. Similar accusations in the West voiced to the actions of Syrian troops and Russian aviation during the assault on Aleppo.

Zakharov, however, I’m sure that in Mosul, the situation is much worse than in the Syrian city. “Counter-terrorist operation conducted by the leading powers of the 21st century, turned into a medieval massacre, which primarily affect the civilian population”, – she wrote on his page in Facebook.

She claims that “the population of Mosul EN masse is dying as from
the terrorists and from them opposing forces coalition.” This immediately she noted that reliable information from the city is not received, because “there is absolute
the information blockade by the coalition”. “There is no clarity,
advancing or retreating coalition forces, how effective
the tactics used, what are the losses of the parties, how many sorties, and who
they were carried out”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

She also said that “no thorough plan of salvation civil
persons have not developed.” “Humanitarian corridors – this is not even close… one thing is Clear, peaceful Iraqis of Mosul, the coalition is much worse than the rebels of Aleppo” – quoted by TASS Zakharov.

Mosul is the largest city of Iraq, under the control of extremists of the “Islamic state” (IG, a group banned in Russia).

On Sunday the coalition of Kurdish forces in Syria have announced about the beginning of the attack on the “capital of the Islamic state” in the country – the city of Raqqa.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the operation to liberate Mosul “medieval massacre” 06.11.2016

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