The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent a note to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, which contains the refusal of us diplomats in the admission to monitor elections in Russia. The Department explained that the document was forwarded in connection with reports about the pressure on Russian diplomats in the United States against the background of presidential elections.

At the U.S. Embassy in Moscow a note to the Russian foreign Ministry has already received. “We received a diplomatic note from the Ministry of foreign Affairs concerning the observation of the elections on October 26. Russian claims that the U.S. government limits the possibility of election observation, just baseless,” – said TASS, the official representative of the Embassy Maria Olson.

According to her, Russia “was invited to join a delegation of OSCE observers to both long-term and short-term observer groups”. “In addition, employees of the Russian Embassy in the United States, as well as the employees of the embassies of other countries – members of OSCE, were invited to participate in short-term observation group of the OSCE, said Olson. – Russia has decided not to participate.”

The representative of Embassy has explained that the Russian side has not named the candidates for participation in the parliamentary observation mission of the OSCE. Olson added that some US States accept direct requests from foreign countries for election observation, therefore, if Russia had applied to the authorities of a certain state, then the decision should be the local authorities.

Sending notes agreed with the Kremlin

Meanwhile, it turned out that sending a note to the American Embassy was coordinated with the Kremlin, reports TASS. “Do you think the possible situation where the foreign Ministry does something not consistent with the President?” – surprised the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in response to a reporter’s question. The head of the Kremlin’s press service refused to develop the theme of the refusal of American diplomats in the admission to observation of elections in Russia, because, in his opinion, further comments should give the foreign Ministry.

Earlier, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said , RIA “Novosti”that Moscow considers unacceptable the cases of pressure on the Russian diplomats in the United States in order to allow them to polling stations in the presidential elections. In this regard, the Russian foreign Ministry a few days ago sent a diplomatic note to the American Embassy.

Washington warned, “the us side should not count on the possibility of the presence of the diplomats of the missions of the United States – embassies and General consulates accredited in Russia, elections that will be held in Russia,” said Ryabkov. And in the Russian dipvedomstva given to understand that further discussion of the topic is not subject to. “We made their conclusions and we believe that part of our history which is quite complicated relations with the United States closed the last time, returning to it won’t, but a quick note, that is, on the future made,” – said Ryabkov.

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia said that the restrictions on American diplomats will be distributed on the upcoming elections in Russia, “regardless of their level and character.” “We believe that their presence in any capacity at sites in Russia, unless it will be associated with participation in those or other agreed international observation missions – such participation would be unwelcome,” said Ryabkov.

In his words, Russia acted on the principle of reciprocity. The Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry called “unacceptable” attempts “to put Russian officials in the situation justifies it.”

Zakharov told about the pressure on Russian diplomats from the FBI

On the eve of the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on his page in Facebook that the U.S. is “open intimidation” by Russian diplomats. “The state Department memo recommended that the Russian representatives “themselves not to come to the polling stations”, and the authorities of some States went even further and threatened with criminal prosecution. That is, even look at the voting procedure is impossible”, – stated in the message.

As the most outrageous example, Zakharova cited an incident last weekend when, she says, to pressure on the Russian overseas agencies joined the FBI. “In Houston to do that “warning” was arranged a special operation in the style of Hollywood action locking road car of the employee of our Consulate General. Stopped the car and started to “convince” that the vote not only to watch, it is impossible even to think,” – said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

The Russian Embassy in the United States on October 22 announced that it has received the refusal from the us authorities in monitoring elections, as well as a warning that the emergence of Russian diplomats at the polling stations can be considered as a criminal offence. This was reported by “Interfax” with reference to the statement of the guardian.

The Embassy reported that it had notified the US state Department and several local election commissions about their intention to see the process of voting. In response, the Embassy received a negative answer and a warning that the appearance of Russian diplomats at the polling station can be considered as a criminal act. Also, according to the Embassy, in response note the state Department all Russian diplomatic missions in the United States for “participation observation” was said to apply to the mission of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE.

The United States has no uniform procedure for admission of observers to the elections, previously reported to RBC. Only in a few States the law permits the presence of foreign observers at polling stations. In other States, such observation is considered as interference in the election process and a criminal offence. In addition, in the United States is regulated by the OSCE election observation.

The Russian foreign Ministry decided to close the American diplomats access to election observation in Russia 08.11.2016

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