The Ministry of foreign Affairs warned Russians that are behind
border, about possible retaliation by the Islamists for the bombing
the Syrian Aleppo. On Friday, September 30, a day declared
“The international Union of Muslim scholars” “the world day of wrath and
protest against the fighting in Aleppo, the foreign Ministry recommended
be wary of provocations and to refrain from visiting places where they
possible. This is stated in a statement posted Thursday, 29
September, on the website

“In Moscow drew attention to the appeals of a number of organizations, including
Islamic, to hold on September 30 in conjunction with Friday prayers
the so-called “global day of rage and protest” against a new round of fighting
action in Aleppo. It is not excluded that such an event can be
used by extremist elements in some countries
the attack on Russia and provocations against its citizens,” he warned
in the foreign Ministry.

“In this regard, we recommend the Russians located or resident in
abroad tomorrow to exercise reasonable precautions,
to refrain from visiting those places where “anger and protest” may be
turned against their dignity and security”, – stated in
the foreign Ministry statement.

With a call to hold a “Day of anger in support of Aleppo, where more than 400
people were killed and hundreds were injured by the Syrian regime, and Russian
air strikes, beginning on 19 September, when Bashar al-Assad completed the mode
ceasefire” was made by the organization “international Union
Muslim scholars”. Her statement is cited on the website Worldbulletin News.

The Secretary-General of the Union Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the spiritual
the leaders of the “Muslim brotherhood” called on “to show support for the Aleppo, and destroyed the Nazi regime and its allies, while the world sits idly by”.

He asked Muslim preachers to Express in Friday sermon
solidarity with Aleppo. “Scientists should lead to termination
injustice and tyranny in Syria and other destroyed
the countries whose citizens are killed,” said al-Qaradawi. The international community, he appealed
with a call to “stop the policy of double standards and support
the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom.”

“International Union of Muslim scholars” – an Islamic organization,
2014 was included in the terrorist list of the United
Arab Emirates for cooperation with the “Muslim brotherhood” and
incitement to violence, including terrorist attacks using suicide bombers.

The intention to make 30 September the “day of wrath” also reported in Hamas,
a day when Israel will be held the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, but as writes NEWSru
, this event will be timed to the anniversary
the beginning of the “al-Aqsa intifada” – an armed uprising of Palestinian Arabs against the Israeli authorities on the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip.

The state Department and US intelligence are encouraged to respond to Russia for the bombing

Dissatisfaction with the inaction of the us presidential administration
Express high-ranking officials of national
the security of the United States. “The officials expressed fears that the omission of the White
the house can turn into concessions in Syria, in Ukraine and in
cyberspace,” writes the newspaper The
Daily Beast
in the article, which quotes the website InoPressa.

“Of course, our concern is how far can Russia go, explained
one of the unnamed sources. And equally worrisome is
how will this affect the reputation of the United States”.

One way to split the community responsible for national
the security of the United States represent the state Department and intelligence services, which
calling for a more active response in Syria, particularly the ongoing
the offensive under the leadership of Russia on the Eastern part of Aleppo,
officials said.

“According to them, the state Department said that diplomatic negotiations with
Russia on Syria have been exhausted and the administration has lost hope
the slightest chance that they will bear fruit. Even Secretary of state John Kerry,
who never lost her optimism about the achievability of the deal with
Russia, completely disappointed, as was announced on Wednesday by one official,”
the newspaper writes.

The other side is the Pentagon, which argues that
intervention of any kind is too risky, and it supports White
the house and host to any argument against the fact to reinforce
US intervention in Syria to the rest of the administration four months.
In the military do not believe that the actions of Russia in Aleppo impact
the war against the “Islamic state” – the only task
set by the President before the war, although, according to others,
conflict is fertile ground for ISIS, and “al-Qaeda” (both
organizations banned in Russia. – Approx., but
positions in Syria during the civil war.

The NYT explained the reasons of cruelty of the bombing

Meanwhile, Western media criticized Russia for its barbaric
the bombing of Aleppo. This Syrian city compared to the Terrible,
Stalingrad. “Syria on the scale of the bloodshed and statistics
surpassed even Bosnia,” writes The
and calls for the UN to repulse the “barbarism” of Putin.

Aleppo turns into a new Grozny. Is the world powerless?

The New York Times
believes that “for Russia and its allies in
the Syrian government is the extermination of civilians in Aleppo can be
part of a prudent strategy, the objectives of which extend beyond the
one of this city”.

“This strategy is related more to policy than to
to advance the front lines, probably intended to
to force the rebels become allies of extremists, thereby destroying
the legitimacy of the rebels; to give Russia a veto on any matter
diplomacy of the highest level; to bring to the exhaustion of innocent Syrians
which might otherwise support the opposition. Although the murder of
civilians in time of war is usually costly, in this case
it can be effective,” the article says (quote translated

First, the result blurs the border between the rebels and
jihadists. Months of siege, was forced nagyagite rebel
group to appeal for help to the extremists or to starve. “No
selection they had, and in August groups like associated with
jihadists Ahrar al-sham helped the rebels in Aleppo for a short
time to break the siege” – explains the newspaper.

Second, eliminated alternative leaders. Forcing rebels
to unite with the jihadists, the Syrian government seeks to deprive the world
any acceptable alternatives for the formation of
the country’s leadership.

Thirdly, the Russian force achieves a place at the negotiating table. Aleppo
gives her the opportunity to make himself a vital member of the transaction on
the truce or the world, because Russian planes are useful for
maintain his siege. “The Russian force achieved a place at the table
negotiations, securing a strong word for any outcome”, – the newspaper writes.

Fourth, the insurgents lose their support and victory. The Destruction Of Aleppo
not convince its residents to support the current Syrian government
but would deprive them of the ability or willingness to help the rebels, in many
cases, forcing civilians to flee their homes. This weakens
rebels do not have so much to
Pro-government forces were able to regain the East of Aleppo, but
sufficiently in order for the rebels became difficult
to act outside the city, if the siege will end.

“To force the civilian population to starve a war crime, however,
like most war crimes, it is also very effective,”
said about the siege of Aleppo, the Syrian analyst Aron Lund Fund
The Carnegie Foundation for international peace.

In other
article in
The New York Times States that President Putin
“rapidly turning Russia into a pariah state”. “His behavior
in Ukraine and Syria not only violates rules designed
to promote peace, not conflicts, but also common in the human
society of decency”, – said in the article.

“Putin thinks that he is entrusted with the mission to revive the greatness
Russia. Indeed, Russia could become a great power
acting in the name of good. But his irresponsible behavior: murder
civilians in Syria and Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, a hacker attack
at the governmental Department of the USA, the suppression of dissent in its
the country, – all this suggests that he does not think to be
constructive partner in the pursuit of peace,” concludes

In Germany compared to the Russian atrocities in Aleppo with the atrocities of the Germans
during the Great Patriotic war

Journalist Bild
Julian Reichelt wrote an open letter to Russian President
Vladimir Putin, in which he compared Russia’s actions in Syria
the atrocities of the German army during world war II and called
Putin “the main culprit of Stalingrad XXI century”.

“Mr. Putin, what you unleashed in the Syrian city of Aleppo, in the United States
called barbarism. I subscribe to this view, – the journalist writes
in the letter, excerpts of which leads InoPressa. – The great Russian nation manages savagely the current regime, the head of which stand you, President Putin.”

“Russia had to learn the barbarism committed by the generation of my grandparents.
The Germans turned the Russian city into a ruin, and broke
a countless number of lives. Until recently, a symbol
total, misanthropic and utterly pointless
the destruction was considered Stalingrad. Stalingrad of our time was
Aleppo Your war of extermination directed against the civilian
the population of Aleppo will always remain a stain in Russian

“When You, for example, leveled the Chechen city of Grozny,
social media did not exist, – the journalist continues. –
Brave photographers have documented Your crimes, but they
took days and weeks to take their pictures from
surrounded by the city. In the end, the world has witnessed with great
late”. Today everything is different: “Today the world sees Your
crimes online. We see in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
do Your bombers. We see crushed children who
pulled out of the rubble. We see how your bombs turn into
dust underground hospital are You doing the Stalingrad of the XXI century”.

“Mr. President, stop this nonsense. You consume
the country in which you have nothing to look for. At the same time you destroy the soul
and the future of their own country, because you impose on Russia historical
guilt,” the article says.

“Your country does not export anything globally significant, except
aggression. Young IT-specialists from Russia did not invent iPhones or
sites like Amazon, Alibaba, or Uber, and engaged exclusively
digital wars, hacking and disinformation, writes Reichelt. –
The only Russian technique that makes an impression on
the rest of the world falls from the sky exactly at the hospital and brings people to death.
Moreover, while the rest of the world to the West and to the East You seeking
economic growth and progress, You are creating in Russia a corruption
and destruction. I feel sorry for the young people in Your country, Mr.
the President, as you turns their life into a desert of isolation. So
the one who in Russia should be against Putin, Mr. President!”

22 September-East part of Aleppo under the control of the
rebels, military aircraft have caused
most powerful over the last few months, massive air
strikes, accompanied by shelling. The Syrian government
claims that are subject to attack, the militants “Jabhat Fatah al-sham”
(former Jabhat al-Nusra”, banned in Russia), human rights activists say about
impacts on residential neighborhoods.

25 Sep diplomats of the US and Europe laid
on Russia liability for violation of the cease-fire in
Syria, and UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon condemned the use of
incendiary bombs as a war crime. At an emergency meeting
Of the security Council US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said that the state of all
the forces will work to restore the ceasefire. When
she accused Moscow and Damascus in “full-scale offensive
operation” in the East of Aleppo. The permanent representative of Russia Vitaly Churkin insisted
the bombing exposed the areas of the city, where, among two dozen
groups a dominant position is “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”.

After the night of September 28, during the regular airstrike
several hospitals, Secretary of state John Kerry in a telephone conversation with
foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said,
that Washington is ready to suspend cooperation with Moscow on Syria
if Russia does not take immediate steps to halt the offensive
in Aleppo and restore the truce.

The white house also holds Russia responsible for shelling
humanitarian convoy of the UN a few days after the introduction of the regime
the cease-fire.

The Russian foreign Ministry recommended that Russians abroad to be wary of “anger and protest” for the bombing of Aleppo 29.09.2016

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