Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov in an interview
Interfax did
the statement that the American media took it as a recognition of participation
The Kremlin in the presidential race. He said that representatives of Russia
maintained contacts with representatives of the team of Donald trump during
the election campaign and will continue to do so after the election.

“Contact was,” Ryabkov said, responding to a question
(the Agency did not specify exactly how he sounded). On the question of
do you plan to intensify these contacts, Ryabkov said: “This
working moments, and the sequence of certain actions depends on
and the issues that face us. But we continue this
work, of course, and after the elections too.”

“It is understandable that people, who are called members in his inner
environment, we are mostly known. It’s people who are in the United States
always was referring to who held very responsible positions.
Not to say that all, but a number of them maintained contacts with
Russian representatives,” – said Deputy foreign Minister.

This statement quoted by Reuters, the newspaper The
The Washington Post
and other media, Recalling in this regard that
trump rival Hillary Clinton during the election campaign called
his puppet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Notes
and the delight with which Russian deputies received news of the victory

The representative of trump hope Hicks in an email to Bloomberg
said she is not aware of any meetings of people from his staff
with Russian diplomats.

The Washington Post notes that after the statement Ryabkov
the study of the role of the Kremlin in the race, which just wrote American
Media can be renewed.

In September, Yahoo News reported
citing several sources, that the American service carried out
an investigation to determine whether one of the companions
Trump is direct negotiations with Russian officials. It was about
the trump Advisor on international policy, Carter Page, which
discussed by members of Congress during meetings related to
scandal of the hacking of servers of the Democratic party.

The trump denied
the presence of contacts with the Russian authorities, and Moscow repeatedly
denied involvement in the hacking of the email of the Democratic party.

“No euphoria” in Moscow do not feel and want from US “respect

At the same time, Ryabkov noted that in Moscow did not hope for warming
relations with the United States. “Any euphoria we feel. There is absolutely
different experience of dealing with US administrations, and representing
The Republican party and the Democratic party. There were periods when
we started off on a good wave, on a high note, then pushed to
crisis. There were other episodes in our history”.

According to Ryabkov, representatives of trump was enough
a tough position against Russia. The Deputy Minister said that in the United States in
the course of the campaign formed a bipartisan anti-Russian
consensus. “We want to return to normal in our relations, namely
respect for sovereignty, mutual respect for interests and responsible
international law, including non-interference in the
internal Affairs and nothing more”, – said the Deputy Minister.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama invited
his successor and his wife Melania trump at the White house for talks
about the transfer of power. Official representative of the White
house Josh Ernest said that Obama wants to provide a “smoother” transfer
power, but added: “I’m not saying that this match will be easy”, –
according to the BBC.

Meeting with Donald and Melania trump is scheduled in the timetable Obama
11 am to 19 PM Moscow time.

The Russian foreign Ministry said on contacts with election headquarters trump 10.11.2016

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