The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has denied the information about possible return to Cuba of the Russian military base. “We have military bases in Latin America no, they do not open and negotiations on this subject are not, including with Cuba,” – said “Interfax” a source in the Russian foreign Ministry.

“The new database we access will not, but for our fleet required points of entry,” added the source and explained that his point in Cuba, the Russian fleet there, there is a port. “In calls to the port of the ship, its there to serve, and then he comes out and goes on the job. There is nothing that suggests the location of our troops, our specialists who would be doing it. Doing all Cubans,” said he.

“Certainly, our long-haul fleet requires certain points points of call for replenishment, crew rest, water and food, gas stations fuel. And such cooperation we have, in this case with Cuba. Such a practice is found, and this is nothing new”, he added.

“For all of our bases are clearly stated position, including at a high level, which we follow. No other fundamental introductory units there,” – concluded the Agency interlocutor.

Deputy Minister of defense Nikolai Pankov, speaking on 7 October in the state Duma, has declared that considers the question of the restoration of the Russian military presence in Cuba and Vietnam. “We engaged in this work. We see this problem,” – said Pankov, answering the question whether the military to return to base, but declined to detail its response.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Vietnam Le Hai Binh soon saidthat the country sticking to military neutrality, will not allow anyone to build military bases on its territory.

Cuba remains resentment over the sudden closure of the radar station “Lourdes”

On the resumption of military cooperation of the Russian Federation with Cuba was said long ago, but the stories of the Cuban diplomatic sources, after the closure of the RLS in 2001, the Republic’s leadership is not inclined to cooperate in this field: they have offended, that the decision was taken without consultation with Havana.

In 2014, the media wrotethat during the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Cuba was agreed to return to the use of the radar centre of Moscow, but Putin later denied this information.

The Soviet Union built the Central radio of tracking are conducted and interception of “Lourdes” in the suburbs of Havana in 1964 to collect military information. The station could intercept virtually all telephone conversations and electronic communications in most parts of the U.S. to detect American submarines and to provide communication of the Russian submarines with the command on the whole space of the Western hemisphere.

“Lourdes” was an important component of the strategic balance between Russia and the United States, but the presence of Russian military bases in Cuba brought some tension in Russian-American relations. In July 2000, the house of representatives voted for a bill prohibiting the restructuring of Russia’s debts until, while in Cuba operates a station, and in December 2001 the electronic center was closed. Putin’s decision to close it was by many regarded as a gift to the Americans, and Cuba – as an insult.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia does not open a military base in Cuba 20.10.2016

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