The media in Russia are not required when referring to the “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) in its publications, to use the wording “banned terrorist organization”. This was stated by the head of licensing work, monitoring and supervision in sphere of mass communications, Roskomnadzor Tatiana Deniskina at a seminar in Yekaterinburg, reports

She explained that journalists should not confuse the list of extremist organizations compiled by the Ministry of justice, which must be marked in the media as “banned in Russia” and the list of terrorist organizations according to the Federal security service. The law on mass media does not need to accompany the mention of such organizations special notes.

So call IG is forbidden in publications, “not necessarily”, but “we believe that such an addition would not be amiss,” said Deniskina. According to her, this advice heeded, the Federal TV channels, and after them this practice was adopted by almost all media in the country, although in reality such a requirement in the act, highlighted in the publication.

“Rain” can “pour” quietly

Meanwhile, in early July, the Pro-Kremlin public movement “Intimidad”, set the goal to prevent the “orange revolution” in Russia, complained to Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika on the TV channel “Rain” and his website, asking him to arrange a test posting on the website of the channel for violation of law on extremist activity.

“In 32 publications on this website there is no mention of the fact that the terrorist organization ISIS banned in Russia, as required by Federal law,” the letter said “Antimaydan’s” the Seagull. “In this case is a direct violation of the law”, – said Chairman of “Maidan” Nikolai Starikov. The movement reported that the Supervisory authority will consider the appeal, however, further development of the story did not.

But in August, Roskomnadzor at the request of the engineer Maxim Lunegov from Tyumen, who complained on the website “”, which he wrote about the IG without mentioning its status in the Russian Federation, explained that the reason for the punishment edition no, because spectrometries must be accompanied by just the mention of extremist organizations from the list of the Ministry of justice, and the “Islamic state” in it, wrote “Medusa”.

By assumption of this portal, the national media began to focus on the words of the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov. At the end of December 2015, he said in an interview with “the”that the Russian media are required to indicate that the IG is prohibited by law, a terrorist organization: “There is existing legislation: according to the 4th article of the law on mass media mentions of public associations, religious organizations, recognized as extremist, should be accompanied by relevant information in the article”.

In February at a meeting with students of faculty of journalism yet again declared “the legislative requirement at the mention of ISIS to specify that is a terrorist organization whose activity is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation”. In the same month, in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” he said Roskomnadzor demands in the media about the IG to write “banned in Russia organization”.

The Russian media are not obliged to mention that IG is banned in Russia organization, confirmed in Roskomnadzor 27.10.2016

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