The state Russian Museum has taken on the temporary storage of donated paintings by the former head of Department of property relations of the defense Ministry Evgenia Vasilyeva, but has not yet determined if they are worthy of to replenish the Museum collection.

“Triptych came to us to transmit the gift to the Russian Museum. These paintings are now we are in temporary storage, and in this status, they will be held before the meeting of the stock-purchasing Commission, which determines they are necessary to the Museum or not,” said TASS in the press service of the Russian Museum, stressing that “now these pictures do not belong to the Museum and not included in his collection”.

“Interfax” in the press service of the Museum explained that it is standard Museum practice. 30-40
specialists will determine the artistic value of paintings and the need for their inclusion in the collection. The date of the Commission yet to be appointed.

Earlier media wrotethat we are talking about the triptych Evgenia Vasilyeva “Transcriptase”. It was reported that the user of the website (later this information was removed from the website – approx. under the name Tipe referred to his cousin, who has more than 20 years working in the Museum. According to him, a triptych in the Museum delivered “a major international transport company”.

All the heads of departments refused to accept it, but “the culture Minister personally called the Director of the Museum and insisted. Now this stuff will be stored near Filonov (paintings by artist Pavel Filonov – прим in the Department of painting of the XX-XXI centuries We’re all just in shock,” mentioned in the article that accompanied the pictures.

Yevgeny Vasilyev became known to the General public in 2012, when broke out a loud corruption scandal in the case of “Oboronservis”.
In may 2015 she was sentenced to five years of imprisonment in colony of General regime for fraud. In August the court satisfied the petition about conditional-early release Vasilyeva, which had to pay damages in the amount of about 200 million rubles.

While under house arrest Evgenia Vasilyeva, as the press wrote, was interested in the work – in particular, former official of the military Department has published a book of love poetry edition of 500 copies. Home figurante case “Oboronservis” also began to paint in the genre of primitivism. She also filmed a video for the song of his own composition “Slippers”.

In 2014 in Moscow there were two personal exhibitions of paintings Vasilyeva.

The Russian Museum received a gift of a triptych Evgenia Vasilyeva, but have not yet decided what to do with it 17.10.2016

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