The head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan said that violators of the law on “parasitism” will be deprived of ordinary health care, but leave them the ability to use emergency medicine, reports TASS.

“Will be taken administrative measures: emergency medical assistance will be by itself, and the usual medical care – when purchasing any additional insurance,” – said the Ryazan.

According to him, upon entry of the law into force the government will have to check for “parasitism” about 15 million Russians, as the number of people that have not formalized their relationship with non-state insurance funds, “definitely still undefined.”

In late September, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets reported on the development in the Russian Federation the bill according to which citizens who have chosen the path narabotu will have to make a payment for actual use of social infrastructure.”

Officials have started counting the potential payers of a tax on social parasites “

Currently, the law allows citizens to work and pay insurance contributions, including in system of obligatory medical insurance. According to audit chamber, the Russian regions are overpaid for the non-working population to the social funds of about 40 billion rubles.

“This amount does not lead to catastrophic consequences from the point of view of the economy, the question is – in social justice, because people get all set of social services and do not invest yourself in this business anything”, – explained the meaning of the new law in Ryazan.

According to the data of VTSIOM, the need to adopt a law on “parasitism” say a little less than half of Russians – 45%. Mostly retirees (59%) and the Communist party supporters (53%). Negative the proposal is perceived approximately the same number of Russians, among them young people (54%), residents of large cities (54%) and respondents with high incomes (55%).

Deputy economy Minister Oleg Fomichev said previously that his Agency does not support the introduction of the law on “parasitism”. “We, frankly, are opposed to this idea because it’s hard to separate the real from the unemployed have lost touch with the labour market, those who formally works but does not pay money to insurance funds”, – explained the official.

“I think this is the bill with the delayed entry into force, the Senator said the Ryazan. Such a time lag, in my opinion, there will be two or three years.” During this time the able-bodied unemployed citizens will have to register as individual entrepreneurs to buy the patent, or issued, or officially register as unemployed.

Currently, the law on “parasitism” is valid in Belarus. From April 2015, able-bodied unemployed citizens pay for their social security amount equivalent to 12 thousand Russian rubles per year. Justifying the imposition of a fee, the Belarusian authorities stated that unemployed citizens do not pay taxes, but use social benefits.

The Russian “parasites” will be left without services for the system 04.10.2016

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