Russian volleyball Federation (IEF) was vetoed by the departure of players abroad, but new rules for the transition of members of the national team in foreign clubs must help them to avoid rash decisions that may interfere with their performance at the Olympic games. About TASS said the President of Russia Stanislav Shevchenko.

The Presidium of the IEF in June temporarily suspended the issuance of the international transfer certificate of the Russian players because of the need to pre-Olympic and Olympic seasons to strengthen women’s and men’s national teams of Russia.

“No veto on the departure of the Russian players do not overlap. The fact is that any departing player must obtain permission from the Executive Committee of the Federation of volleyball. This measure should protect the national team players, which we will use at the Olympics, rash decisions. This does not mean that we do not allow them to fully transitions to foreign clubs,” said Shevchenko, noting that there are no problems in connection with the adoption of the relevant amendments have not yet been encountered.

On Sunday, the Russian women’s team took the final fourth place at the world Cup in volleyball, which ended in Japan, which had made her first attempt to win the Olympic license for the Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

“There is a result, and have a background game that showed the team. In my opinion, this background was very good. Compared with last year, the team adds, talking about the second place in the Grand Prix, so the level of play allowed us to count on getting into one of the two best teams,” – said the head of the IEF.

Shevchenko also said that now a priority for the team is preparing for the European qualifying tournament, which will be held from 4 to 9 January in Ankara and is not qualifying for the Games in Rio.

The Russian volleyball players won’t allow rashly to move abroad 09.09.2015

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