According to the largest online shopping bedding, mattresses remained one of the few groups of products that retained the pre-crisis level of consumer demand. Moreover, in 2016 the number of stores have not seen the usual seasonal slowdown, including on elite models and models in the price segment above average.

First and foremost the representatives of the mattress industry said that the cost of most mattresses is not increased by more than 20% over the past two years. At the same time in other segments of the market, especially if the production process involves the use of imported raw materials, rising prices often exceed 50% or more.

Due to the fact that a large part of mattress factories popular brands at the moment, geographically located in regions of the Russian Federation, as well as through cooperation with domestic suppliers prices even on luxury mattresses remained almost at pre-crisis level.

In the online store of goods for sleep SPIM.RU separately noted the growing demand for orthopedic models of luxury mattresses. If today in Europe often buy springless mattress, and in the US in the first place in popularity ratings remain high spring models, Russians prefer to put priority on not comfort, and flexibility, and memory properties.

Our countrymen more and more often, unlike Europeans, prefer expensive mattress with natural fillers with medium and high hardness like coconut materials, horse hair. Also demand for mattresses of materials, allowing for maximum orthopedic properties: a spring model with blocks “multipocket” 500-1000 density of springs per square meter, natural latex foam with memory effect. The demand for models with zones of varying stiffness and mattresses designed for people with a difference in weight.

The demand for budget models also remains quite high. The model with the spring block “Bonnell” artificial latex foam, and twisted mattresses today are becoming more accessible. And that’s not taking into account seasonal discounts and sales, which enable you to buy a budget and premium model with additional savings of up to 50%, especially in the off-season.

Along with online shopping of mattresses is growing and the attendance of the furniture, such as furniture shop Russians prefer to buy bedroom furniture directly from distributors, manufacturers.

According to surveys of buyers of furniture, today, the Russians are looking for either furniture of exclusive design or solid wood furniture with a lifetime of several decades. As in the case of mattresses, demand not only a budget model, and furniture of the categories “above average”. The priority buyers are beds already put a minimum price, and the durability and practicality of the furniture.

Despite the fact that the budget position in the crisis are sold actively, the part of the client audience prefers to pay more, but in turn receive guaranteed quality and long service life.

The Russians, despite the crisis, the choice of bedroom furniture and mattresses like expensive models 06.10.2016

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