According to the results of researchconducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies, revealed that the degree of satisfaction of Russians with their lives for the past year almost unchanged, however, they began to give more pessimistic projections for next year and harder to criticize the economic situation in Russia.

Over the past year the level of satisfaction of citizens with their lives virtually unchanged. Almost half (48%) of respondents reported that they are satisfied. A similar opinion poll in may 2015, adhered to by 52%. Negative assessment of the state of his Affairs gave 25% as opposed to 21%.

The expectations of the Russians the following year became a little more pessimistic. In may 2015, improving the quality of life expected by 35% of respondents, and in 2016, these expectations were shared by 27% of respondents. With 17% of citizens fear that next year will be even worse. In 2015, the pessimists was only 10%.

Two-thirds of respondents (66%) this year estimated the financial situation of their family as average, bad it called 21%, good 12%. In may 2015, good grades were given 15%, middle 68%, the remaining 17% said the situation is bad.

Speaking about the economic situation in Russia, 54% of Russians spoke about it as about average. Good the situation was named by only 11% in the past year, the number was 19%. 33% of respondents said that the country had bad economic conditions. A year earlier, was dissatisfied 21%.

Assessing the direction of the development of Affairs in the country as a whole, 37% of respondents gave a positive answer, while in may 2015 were positive 49% of survey participants. 39% believe the rate of movement is partly correct, partly incorrect. With 21% of respondents said that the Russian course does not suit them. In 2015, the number of dissatisfied was 12%.

The Russians have become more skeptical assessment of the situation of Affairs in the country – polls 27.05.2016

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